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We are featuring comments generated by the editorial, columns and news stories published in this paper. We encourage our readers to submit their comments about the contents of this paper at or through the facebook accounts of our writers.

On “Form Independent Body to Probe MNWD Mess” (Published on June 23, 2022):

Toy Belardo: so only now this corrupt practices coming out... sana eexpose lahat yan yong sa meter dalawang buwan take out agad ang metro kahit walang tao ang bahay... sana palitan lahat ng board of dr. to mgr. down to lowest corrupt employee cadacul dyan sa mnwd....

On “SSS Additional Pension Among Duterte’s Failure” (Published on June 17, 2022):

Sarikaw Iraga: Tingnan nnyo sa news, pna palabas na ang soaring inflation, increase interest rates, lukmo na, ngonyan nagruluwas na ta patapos na si pdutz , kaidto.tarakot mg.barita

Mga trolls lang ang malaki ang kita

On “Scrap Partylist Sans Exception ” (Published on May 26, 2022):

Jun Reyes: I totally agree for the abolition of the Partylist System. The budget/ funds intented for the salaries and allowances allocated for them can be used to fund/finance the various programs, projects and activities of the government to benefit the million Filipinos by providing employment, livelihood and business opportunities.

Jun Reyes: mga salisi...

Manny ILao: I still believe in the original concept of party list. What happened is the COMELEC is not doing it’s job of managing how the party list system should work.

They can start by ensuring party list candidate should be representing 10% of the so called under represented groups.

Secondly, I believe that term limits should be removed.

Good politicians are being kicked out of elected position due to time not due to voters dissatisfaction.

If voters keep on voting stupid politicians so be it, but at least stupid politicians will be constant and not being reinvented over and over again.

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