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We are featuring comments generated by the editorial, columns and news stories

published in this paper. We encourage our readers to submit their comments about the contents of this paper at or through the Facebook accounts of our writers.

On “ Righ t to Choose ” (Published on December 24, 2020):

Marilou Falcon –“Ewan ko lang ha? Pero wala naman tayong alam sa mga vaccines na yan. So how would we know kung alin ang pipiliin natin? Ang dapat talagang pumili ay yong mas may alam. Kailangan lang nilang i-justify ang kanilang choice. Just thinking...”

Antonio Doblon – “Doque, as Locsin said failed to provide requirements pertaining to the confidentiality agreement between Pfizer and the DOH. Doque said that the negotiations with Pfizer is still going on but Locsin quickly retorted that the deal is back to square one. So we Filipinos can be vaccinated by July 2021 if training of vaccinators are done. It seems that this government is not really serious in what its efforts to control the COVID19 Virus. President Duterte promised to be doing his best to prioritize the purchase of the COVID 19 vaccines but Doque with his infamous involvements in Dengvaxia, Philhealth scams and now COVID19 Vaccines seems to be perpetually enjoying plenary indulgence from President Duterte who must be the coach of government transactions and tell his team who should hold the ball for the "Sec., may kickback vaccine ka dito". It was published that WHO-Pfizer's vaccine has 80% efficacy while the Sinovac COVID19 is having 50% efficacy why the government choose Sinovac, do Duterte and his captain ball Carlito Galvez love Tsinovacs more than the Filipinos who will be the laggard in COVID 19 vaccination efforts in the world. While COVID19 is threatening for the second wave and the mutant European and African Corona virus poses health and economic risks, our leadership are still in squabble for which vaccine is to purchase and Duterte find himself slept the talks done nightmarishly every week without missing to lambast his critics and infect us with his filthy use of words. People interpret his pronouncements not just jokes but policy of the State.”

Antonio Betito – “The best for me is ASTRA ZENECA made by Prof. Sarah Gilbert who is a scientist in viriology and vaccines. She is from Oxford University in UK. Its effectivity is more than 90% and can be stored in ordinary ref temperature. This is important since transporting vaccines requires colder temperature for its preservation. Pfizer BionTech and Moderna from US require temperature almost below zero for it to be effective. Travelling to our tropical country would require lesser temperature like what ASTRA ZENECA requires. Besides, its cost is affordable to third world countries like the Philippines.”

Deo Durante –“Merry Christmas po. It has been a long practice how tong pats plays a major if not to derail any opportunity by the government to save funds or to go on with a lavish kind of spending enough to empty our coffer. Who are these long -tailed humans there? They are identified as the so called crocodiles in no water loitering there in order to take advantage in any form of public transactions. Willing always to fang the juicy meat in the expense of people suffering. Why don't they invite and allow as many as suppliers of vaccines out there so that people can choose the lowest price and yet guaranteed? Not only doctors in the DOH are capable to diagnose or detect if these vaccines are fit to use, we have a lot knowledgeable and intelligent in the service who have the ability to determine which one is better and but cheaper to use. By the way look, why worry about the vaccine then if in Visayas region they just try to use suob or steam to be more effective as aid against Covid-19? Should we really determine to spend more while we are almost dry and empty?”

Tacorda Noel – “Singapore got it.. doque is waiting for tongpats.”

Billy Mclear –“Shit balls are theirs”

Mariano Joaquin Victorino –“As in any other ball games, where the players pass on the ball and which direction it goes, depends on the coach who directs every other player’s moves. In the meantime, we the spectators could just speculate and cheer who makes the first goal.”

Rudy Baldemor –“Block the dunk shot.” Ini an totoo. On “ Fortuno ” (Published on December 24, 2020):

Dante A. De leon – “Salute! Mabuhay and God bless. Diyos mabalos po sa saindong mga serbisyo Sir and Madame.”

Al Santiano – “Very humble man! Kudos..”.

Rudy Baldemor – “Huring huding bako ng totoo hehehe.”

Ariel Ayque – “I remember boss Sal Fortuno saying to me these words..bilib naman ako saimo yel...nin dikit ...when i asked him his chances sa politics..he replied like problema ko man sana yel...landslide! Thats Sal boss!”

Danny Disuanco – “Ang orihinal maurag man giraray...”

Ramon Olano Jr. – “Isay ining paratalayop sa radyo?”

Eduardo Orbita – “Orgollo na makaibanan bilang boss asin amigo kan gabos....Sal Fortuno”

Jonnel Cuba – “Mayo akong masabi kundi maorag talaga baw Po Asin saludo Po ako Cong sal fortuno sir”

Eduardo Gregorio – “Puedeng may mag-arog saiya pero dai na mapapantayan ang saiyang mga accomplishents ! Mabuhay and Saludo ako ki Cong. Sal Fortuno!”

Alex Bustamante – “Pananaw at Opinion ko PO Padagos an Pag Serbe maski mayo na sa Politika!!!Mabuhay an Pamilya Fortuno!!!”

Note: Readers’ Comments are copied in toto.


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