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We are featuring comments generated by the editorial, columns and news stories published in this paper. We encourage our readers to submit their comments about the contents of this paper at or through the facebook accounts of our writers.

On “ A Blessed 2021 for All” (Published on December 31, 2020):

• Julieta Ebio Castaneda

“Very well said!!! Am proud of you classmate, my friend!!!”

• Marilou Falcon

“The best of your editorials i’ve read so far!”

• Arimas Marisa

“Happy new year po”

• Erma Abina Zielke

“Happy New Year my kapwa Filipinos.. goodluck”

Ini an totoo. On “ Dios Mabalos 2020” (Published on December 31, 2020):

• Russell Rosero

“Iyo na po tb bokal. Kinapotan ko na so kamot kn kataid ko sa SM, pag salingoy ko.. Kamot pln kn teller n tga BDO, magayon, Maputi, halaba an buhok. Pero Diit pa akong matapirang kan sa lang holding hands”.

• Hermie Aguila

“Magayon basahon an Bikol lalo na si ika pitong linya hale sa ibaba. Dakol man nanggad madudunong na nagin talpa, ha ha ha ha. Napapatal siguro ta nagigin “STUPIDO” dae natubod sa tama asin an tama ginigibong sala”.

• Azriel Lomeda Verdadero

“Mahiwas po an saimong obserbasyon sa dalagan asin hiro hiro kan satong mga tao asin kinaban. Happy 3 Kings!”

• Eden Tam

“More Blessings to you my friend ..keep safe and be always healthy.Happy New year.”

“On the Drug War”

• Sandie Verdadero

Our beloved president compared the Philippines to Mexico where drug cartels fight for control to expand their trade. The only similarity is the Body Count. In Mexico, drug lords hang the headless bodies of their enemies to sow fear in the streets. Here in our country, suspected drug users mostly living in slums are killed by the police or by God-knows-who. Human Rights group denounced as Extra-Judicial Killings. Mexican drugs are sold mainly to Americans. Ours, rampant meth-trade involving foreign countries like China. In 2017, 6.4 billion worth of shabu from China, the BIGGEST shipment in recent years SLIPPED past the Bureau of Customs under watch from a retired police general, transferred to head another govt. agency. The campaign to eradicate illegal drugs in six months period did not materialize and it is now four years, still, the trade persists. Another VIRUS aside from COVID-19 this CORRUPTION VIRUS which is rampant among the officials in power. Let us be UNITED in fighting these two evils of our society. Down with illegal drugs and corruption!!!

The Right To Choose (Editorial December 24, 2020)

• Sandie Verdadero

-DOH Secretary Duque said, “THE BALL WAS NOT DROPPED”. Allegedly, negotiations with Pfizer is still going on. Is he stalling? The 64 dollar. Question is when will we get the Pfizer vaccines? The thinking public are not to be fooled. They suspect that the present administration who is POND of China has a dome DEAL with their SINOVAC vaccines. The deal is signed, sealed, and waiting to be delivered sooner. We are not born yesterday, our sinophile leader boast that China is a FRIEND!!! NOT a landgrabber not a bully, an exporter of SARS, COVID-19, DRUGS, galunggong, etc. China products are worldwide known as low quality or substandard. Let us NOT GAMBLE our lives with their Sinovac vaccines.. We ASSERT OUR RIGHT TO CHOOSE.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!!

Note: Readers’ Comments are copied in toto.

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