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We are featuring comments generated by the editorial, columns and news stories published in this paper. We encourage our readers to submit their comments about the contents of this paper at or through the facebook accounts of our writers.

On “Power Peddling & Ego Trip” (Published on January 14, 2021):

• Marilou Falcon

“Wala na ako masabi!”

• Antonio Doblon

“Now Duterte is a noisy Digong Gong announcing that they will first let constuents be vaccinated before he allowed himself to be inoculated with COVID19 vaccine swallowing his vomitted promise to be among the first to be injected like what prominent world leaders had done. This is the reality of Digong political vice of a liar. Ever since he said he will not run for President, promised to end drug menace and corruption and other pronouncements he broke. Recently his style na bulok again is heard saying women are not good president lambasting Cory, GMA, and Leni thinking it is again beneficial to his Sarah Carpio. The ineptitude in bringing prompt solutions to pandemic are brought about by indifference to help the poor, extortion and lack of political will for common good and traditional patronage politics. Duterte maybe will not allow to be vaccinated because he is among those who chose to be vaccinated secretly for self preservation letting citizenry through LGUs to seek their own vaccines and gov’t will pocket COVID 19 funds to be used next election. When voters will be enlightened by what is happening nowadays, mismanagements of government and economic quagmire are like virus strains that infect themselves and will have detrimental results to Digong allies comes 2022 elections.”

• Sandie Verdadero

Why is our gov’t has been lagging behind in its Anti-Covid 19 vaccination. The vaccines are already available at the world market. What is causing the UNSWARRANTED delay? The DOF said we have the budget for the vaccines. Why is the national gov’t. wants to MONOPOLIZE the vaccine distribution to the EXCLUSION of the LGU? The gov’t insist that China-SINOVAC vaccines are the anointed and suited for us.

The LGU and majority of our countrymen choose ASTRA-ZENECA vaccines for their HIGHER EFFICACY and CHEAPER than this SINOVAC.

We have the right to choose as we are freedom loving and believe in democracy. We should not be PRESSURED or MANDATED something we don’t like. Why is our gov’t. is so FOND of CHINA and its products, which are known worldwide be to be inferior in quality. China the SOURCE of deadly VIRUSES such as bubonic, SARS, Smallpox, and Covid-19 aside from exporter of illegal drug, land grabber in West Philippine Sea and a bully . Again, let us not GAMBLE our lives for these Senovac vaccines. How about KICKBACK Vaccines?

On “Chiken and Egg” (Published on December 10, 2021):

• Emma Legaspi

“C juan hilong talilong”

Ini an totoo. On “Uncle Sa (Sa mata kan Little Brown American)” (Published on January 14, 2021)

• Wally Vargas


• Jeff Caruno

“ pigbabansagan na land of milk and honey.”

• Rommel R. Alanis

“”inaka-Inutil na Sistema de Gobernong Presidential System ta pati mga Mang-Mang Gusto man na Gayong Magboroto Kaya Ugma an mga Daing Supog na mga Trapo ta si mga Mang-Mang Iyong minakaag sa sainda sa Puesto Bastang Bahug-Bahug syempre abot sa Masunod na naman na Eleksyon..Kaya Maski Mang-Mang na Trapo Nagiging Senadores Pa Pati..!!!nGIK!!!

• Edison Petalio

“Luway luawy man po. Maski ako mang mang tatao man ako mag padalagan nin marhay na gobyerno sa level ko po. Kun talagang maurag an matatalino, pangaranan mo po an mga mang n bistado na nkapagbugtak pwesto sa gobyerno. Pati c mang mang na senador.”

“Is the ball finally dropped?”

• Sandie Verdadero

- Recently, a high-ranking Chinese official paid a visit to Malacanang and grant P3.72 billion to our gov’t. China is an economic power who use its wealth as a form of “bribe” to propagate their products especially to a third-world country like the Philippines. The vaccine war is STIFF. China even lowered its price to P650 per dose of the Sinovac vaccine. 500k dosages of these vaccines due this February. But the EFFICACY of such vaccines remains in doubt. Presidential Spokesman Roque said that ASTRA-ZENECA vaccines are not available this year. Is the ball finally dropped? Is the SINOVAC agreement between the Philippines and China. Signed, Sealed to be delivered this February! Your GUESS IS GOOD AS MINE!!!

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