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By Sandie Verdadero

Again, the clamor for CHACHA on the revision of economic policies in our 1987 Constitution and the abolition of the party-list organization. The thinking public is apprehensive and in doubt of the motive and timing of the proposal of some congressman. We had a tragic experience of what happened to the 1973 Constitution which was bastardized by the late dictator Marcos cronies. We have our Covid-19 pandemic, rampant corruption, unhampered illegal drugs. These ills of our society should be given top priority by our “honorable” congressman, not CHACHA. Who would benefit from the insertion of some economic proposals relaxing restrictions to appease foreigners to invest in our country? China? Russia? or others? we can be a self-reliant nation if we have down to earth economic policies not NURTURED by CORRUPTION which is becoming a virus. The COMELEC can take care of the party-list problem by SERIOUSLY STRICT in its bylaws. The party-list organization should have representatives by a TRULY MARGINALIZED sector of society. NO TO CHA CHA.


By Sandie Verdadero

Primong Erni, an saimong sinurat an VERDADERONG katotohanan. May bulong na dae man talaga nakakabulong. May food supplements na ang chemical content, o preservative maraot sa satuyang salud. Igua ngani diyan na ginagamit pa ang sarong Quotation sa Bibliya kan sarong vitamin advertisement maboladas lang an mga tao. Tama ka marikas magparatara na ang produkto bako man bulong alagad pigpapabakal sa mga butika. Mabuhay ka cousin. “Primum Regnum Dei”.

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