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Reading in a simplest way

By Cleofe V. Polon

Reading is a method through which a learner may quickly gather clues from written texts and relate them to another to comprehend the text’s unmistakable message. Throughout his schooling, the learner keeps developing this ability to evaluate claims of ever-increasing complexity. On the other hand, if this ability is not adequate developed, it is essential to provide remedial reading programs to improve these skills, such as reading fluency and reading comprehension. Since fluency and understanding are necessary at this stage of development. Early intervention can affect the evolution of reading issues.

Reading is very important nowadays for children. In school, there are many intervention on how the children read in a simplest way. Teachers make sample researches on how pupils read in an early age. Some school administer their new pupils in their reading skills for them to identify the fast or slow reader. More facts said that teachers found difficulties of having a non-reader in their classes. It is more complicated in the discussion, since some cannot understand the lesson. So teacher have different motivation and process if there are still pupils that cannot read.

At the early age of three years old, children can read at the CVC (Consonant-Vowel-Consonant word) level by mastering the sound of each letter. This is the first thing to be mastered. The children should identify the name of the letter and it should be followed by learning the sound of each. Each sound of the letter should be mastered in one day. With the help of the letter cut sand paper, kids should trace it and say the sound until he put it in mind. Teacher will do and repeat these activities at the same time. Pictures are also associated with the beginning sound of the letter. After mastering the sound, there are pictures ask to the pupil aligned to the letter for the day. They will identify the beginning sound of each picture. There should be writing activity as well. After mastering and saying the sound, he should write the letter. Teacher should teach the stroke on how to write each letter. There are activities on writing it as well. Teacher will do this until the last letter of the alphabet is mastered. Then it is the time to teach them to the CVC level. Children will find it more enjoyable to read since they already mastered the sound of each letter. Reading will now start from that process. Teachers and parents should be more patience in teaching reading. In the early age of three, if the kids mastered the sound, for sure, his Kinder level find simple way in reading. Parent will also feel delighted and secure that their kids are already a reader. Until the kids reaches the elementary level, as early as seven years old, he has already a comprehension in reading. He will understand the simple elements of the story and can recognized the important details of the moral of the story.

Mastering sound of each letter and reading CVC at the early age show effectiveness to became an independent reader. Discussion in the classroom will go smoothly if everybody is a reader. Teacher will find it easy to discuss it as well. Children in the classroom will find learning in an enjoyable way. If everyone is a reader nobody will suffer.


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