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EDITORIAL: Reassuring Move

The proactive stance taken by several Local Government Units in response to the topsy turvy pronouncements issued by the central government relative to the policies or strategies applicable to the anti-Covid-19 vaccination, reminds us of an occasion when strongman Ferdinand E. Marcos delivered a speech right at the Plaza Quezon in Naga City, at the height of the dictatorial regime.

The dictator praised then City Mayor Vicente P. Sibulo for taking initiatives promoting Naga’s progress even without funding support from the national government.

Truth to tell any right thinking national government official would always praise LGUs taking their own initiative towards the betterment of their constituents.

This is exactly the direction of some LGUs about the procurement of the anti-Covid-19 vaccination program. On their own, they will purchase the vaccines which to their own judgment and based on popular sentiment are ideal to their people.

Started by Bacolod and Iloilo cities the action resulted in spread effects that egged other prominent LGUs including the cities of Manila, Valenzuela, Marikina, Makati and even Legazpi.

Late as it may be Naga City’s decision to join other proactive LGUs deserves congratulations.

Believe it or not the national government must be silently breathing a sigh of relief. After all the action of these LGUs should have been most ideal particularly in reference to the devolution of power concept as enshrined in the Local Government Code of the Philippines.

In a great sense the LGUs’ decision will also be of help in preventing any probable questionable transactions which some central government officials are apparently toying. They sing discordant notes thereby raising suspicions about their motives.

There is no choice left but for every quarter to adopt transparency in the conduct of the vaccination program. Short lived as it may seem, still it is a reassuring move. Towards this end a more vigilant public is indispensible.

The initiative of LGUs to order independent from the national government the anti-Covid-19 vaccine augurs well.

They are mostly highly urbanized cities and not under the supervision and control of the provinces where they are located, which means these LGUs are financially and technically able.

The silence of the provinces for whatever action they intend to take is considered by some quarters deafening. That is understandable, given that these LGUs consist of municipalities with varying fiscal classifications. That is why the provinces to which they belong cannot enforce a uniform fiscal management approach.


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