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Reboot Forward: A path to sustainable just energy transition

By Trisha-Marie Albeus

Pili, Camarines Sur --- In a significant step towards achieving a sustainable and just energy transition, JCI Naga, in partnership with JCI Nagueña, Reboot Philippines and IBM, embarked on a transformative journey in the community of Barangay Curry.

The initiative, aptly named “Reboot Forward,” aimed to promote renewable energy solutions and raise awareness about the benefits of transitioning to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources. This event was spearheaded by Mr. Everild Gerd Pablo, JCI Naga Director for Connect, and a Cohort 5 Apprentice of the RELEARN Program by Reboot Philippines, serving as his Personal Space Project.

One of the highlights of the event was the informative session led by Mr. Van Banastao, the Program Lead of RELEARN. As a guest speaker, he shared valuable insights into renewable energy and its positive impacts on households, particularly those residing in the upland areas. Over 20 Indigenous People were empowered with knowledge about the practical aspects of renewable energy, making it a significant step towards a more sustainable and equitable future for the community.

In addition, IBM sponsored solar panels and lamps to illuminate and power the homes of the community, further enhancing their access to clean and sustainable energy sources. This generous contribution underlines the commitment of corporate entities like IBM to drive positive change by supporting initiatives that promote a greener and more sustainable future.

The collaboration between JCI Naga, JCI Nagueña, Reboot Philippines, IBM, and Mr. Everild Gerd Pablo showcases a strong commitment to promoting a just energy transition in the Bicol Region. It is a testament to the collective effort to improve the lives of residents by embracing cleaner energy alternatives that reduce environmental impacts and ensure a better quality of life. The partnership reflects a shared vision of a more sustainable, eco-friendly future for the Bicol community.

As “Reboot Forward” gains momentum, it is expected to inspire more initiatives and collaborations that will help drive the shift towards a sustainable and just energy transition in communities across the Philippines.


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