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Revival of GMRC

By Nicanor C. Villaralvo, Jr.

What is GMRC? It is an acronym that means: Good Manners and Right Conduct. This is exactly taught years back in the curriculum of the Department of Education. Students before were reared at home and in school focusing in their manners or attitude. This subject is more direct to the point as compared to the present subject which is called as: Values Education. Other people may not have good values in life, but most of us know good manners and correct conduct.

Why should there be a revival of GMRC? There must be, so as to learn once more that some people’s manners are deteriorating, – and that we ought to be careful in treating people. We should show respect to people from all walks of life, young and old, and those who are rich or poor. “Labels are not enough.” We don’t degrade people because of educational attainment. We do appreciate every little thing that may come our way because they are noble and kind. We must be simple, true, and goal - oriented. We don’t have to brag about our achievement thereby becoming haughty and too proud. This attitude makes us forget about good manners and right conduct. We don’t humiliate those who are inferior to us. Rather, we help them alleviate their situation because it is the Christian way. All of us have our own limitation that’s why we have to understand each others’ imperfections.

Good manners and right conduct paves the way through a civilized society. We learn to forgive and forget our mistakes because we know that to: “err is human, to forgive divine.”

So, how else can we show good manners and right conduct? By being supportive to any advocacy that are in our midst. Those helpful and deserving beliefs, activities, and appropriate goals must be appreciated especially if they are for a common good.

Good manners are not learned right away. It takes time. Children are reared at home starting from an early age. And they go through it as time passes by. Then, right conduct is developed as years gone by. Good manners and right conduct are taught both at home, and in school. And we remember that wherever there is good manners and right conduct, there are good values. “Values are also often caught, than taught.”

Why should we learn good manners, you may ask? We should, because it is a “great turn-off” when someone “humiliatingly” and “rudely” did a bad move or offense to someone. We ought to be careful in our manners, especially when we are dealing with the learned, the educated, the professionals, the skilled, the experts or erudites, the elderly, the PWD’s, the religious, the LGBTQA’s (or third sex), or any special people who need our “extra-special care or treatment”. Yes, we do have to respect them because “respect begets respect”. We don’t respect only the powerful, but also the humblest among the humble.

Where there is good manners and right conduct, there is respect and good atmosphere in any place. Peace and happiness is present. When people watch their speech and action, there is also peace. We should watch our language and our moves so that we won’t hurt people.

GMRC was a subject in school long-time ago, but its essence is “time-immemorial”. It still goes its way at present. Children before would exert effort just to be good all the time to get high grades in GMRC. And really, pupils and students before were more conscious and mindful of their manners. That’s why it is being suggested to revive GMRS nowadays. Yes, why not revive GMRC? I think our pupils or students would be more manageable if we do so. It would seem like a checklist for them what and when to act at an appropriate time. They would be more mindful of their manners.

Learning good attitude for us people is a must because humans as we are, we commit mistakes. But it is expected that we don’t do the same mistake again. Learn to do better next time.

People are gregarious by nature, so they love to mingle with other people. And when they mingle, they do have to have “sense of proper etiquette” to be accepted in any group. Good attitude counts a lot when you are joining a group.

Why do good manners count a lot? They do, because when a person does have good manners, he/she has a lot of friends and is popular. His/her fame makes him/her noticeable and commendable to lead a group. Now, it must be noted that when someone becomes a leader eventually, he/she must have a good remark or feedback and becomes a role-model for others to see and follow. Such leader has certainly good manners and right conduct.

Good manners are set of good attitudes that a person brings in his/her personality. It contains his/her breeding. A person develops and improves his/her breeding as he/she grows up.

Rich and poor, young or old, educated or uneducated know about Good Manners and Right Conduct. And because of this, we learn to adjust to every situation that would need our understanding. We must be flexible instead of becoming “rigid” or “too strict” when it comes to setting our standards of good attitude. These standards are usually appropriate and suitable.

GMRC may be not so popular a subject now because it’s been a name in the past, but it does still ring a bell; for its “easy-to-remember” acronym.

GMRS should be viewed as a thing above “written” literacy. Do not “learn to the letters” only. Go beyond the “literal word”. For through this, we will know the meaning of the “Biblical saying” which goes this way: “Blessed are those who are poor in knowledge, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven.” Some people may be poor in learning, but if they are kind and careful in their attitude thereby making themselves humble, then they have good manners and right conduct. Good manners are not seen in books alone, but they are practiced in action. Be careful in your words and deeds. “Know where to place yourself.” Do not assess people because of their inferiorities; rather “build their confidence” so that you will understand yourself better, and “learn not to be bitter” even if you have misfortunes in life. “Do not envy others, rather: accept yourself.”

Let us therefore go hand-in-hand in achieving peace, equality, and prosperity in the earth we live in. Let our manners radiate a bountiful and peaceful life, wherever we may be.

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