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Rice pre-germination conducted to ensure good harvest

By Paulo DS. Papa

FARMER beneficiaries in Naga City expressed dissatisfaction with the rice grains provided by the City Agriculture Office for planting, claiming they failed to sprout.

In response, Francis Abasola, an agriculture technologist, stated that a pre-germination process was conducted on the grains received from the Department of Agriculture (DA) to ensure their quality before distribution.

Abasola, in an interview, acknowledged complaints from some of the 800 registered rice farmers, indicating that the distributed seeds from the previous year were ineffective, failing to produce roots.

To address this issue and ensure successful rice production in the upcoming harvest season, a pre-germination process was conducted on samples taken from nine sacks of rice, each containing different varieties received from DA’s regional office for distribution.

“We took 200 grams per rice variety and conducted the process. Approximately 80 to 90 percent of the seeds germinated, demonstrating the improved quality of the seeds distributed this time,” Abasola explained. While he did not specify the exact varieties, he confirmed that they are certified and high-breed seeds.

The office recently received 550 sacks of rice seeds, comprising 200 sacks of certified seeds and 350 high-breed seeds. Beneficiaries are expected to receive 80 kilos of a specific rice variety per hectare.


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