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Robredo tops market polls by Bloomberg

By Mavic Conde

Investors and analysts see presidential aspirant Vice President Leni Robredo as the most fitting leader for the country’s economic recovery.

In a Bloomberg market poll, Robredo got a score of 106 from 28 respondents who were asked to score five presidential candidates from 5 to 1, with 5 being the highest point. Bloomberg is a New York-based news service provider of everything business and economics.

Bloomberg reported that the respondents gave Robredo the highest score when asked “whom they think is the best person to lead the Southeast Asian economy.” Senator Panfilo Lacson, who got a score of 91, ranked second; followed by Manila Mayor Isko Moreno, Ferdinand Marcos Jr., and Senator Manny Pacqiao with these scores: 81, 46, and 44, respectively.

“What we need is a captain who will bring us out of the storm,” says BDO Unibank strategist Jonathan Ravelas who was quoted in the said report. According to him, our market performance will depend on the next Philippine president’s capability to come up with an economic recovery plan that “address[es] the economic and social crises we are confronting.”

The lockdowns imposed in the country to contain the spread of coronavirus shattered its economy, which was highly dependent on mobility, resulting in employment loss for millions of Filipinos and hunger for their families.

If elected as president, Robredo pledged that she would prioritize pandemic recovery through fighting corruption and job creation, coupled with unemployment insurance, cash aid for citizens and educational support for students.


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