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Rosal vows better healthcare services

By Sally A. Altea

Albay Governor Noel Rosal has made a surprise visit in three government hospitals in the province as part of his commitment to improve the medical and health care services in the province.

Rosal visited Cagraray District Hospital in Bacacay, Ziga Memorial Hospital in Tabaco City and Josefina Belmonte-Duran Memorial District Hospital (JBDMDH) in Tuburan Ligao City.

“We are here to serve them, they are already sick, let us not make their conditions worse,” he said during his visit.

Rosal noted the need for the personnel to give due respect to the patients, especially those who are indigent.

He said that prior to his assumption, an investigative team conducted a survey among local residents to give their opinion and complaints about the district hospitals.

BETTER HEALTH SERVICES Governor Noel Rosal in visit at the Josefina Belmonte-Duran Memorial District Hospital (JBDMDH) in Tuburan Ligao City, Albay,instructed the chief of hospital to ensure adequate stock of medicines and prioritize the needs of patients. (Albay PIO photo)

The common complaint is the attitude of the staff and their manner of treating their patients.

Improved facilities and benefits

Rosal pledged to do his best to find the funding needed to raise the salary of front liners, noting that the aim is to find the perfect balance between quality service for the Albayanos and showing appreciation and proper compensation for the medical staff.

“It is a delicate equilibrium to achieve, but, as government employees, we make the first sacrifice,” Rosal said.

To the casual and job order employees, he vowed to reward their dedication and compassion with an increase in pay rate and extension of their contracts.

Rosal also promised to purchase the equipment and machinery needed in the hospitals, subject to the availability of funds.(PIA5/Albay)


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