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Running Organgs — the new Pinoy-made mobile game is taking the country by storm

By Jasmine Cargullo

A new fun and addicting mobile game for both Android and Apple users has come to town! If you were waiting for all of 2020 for a big vacation, you’ll surely love playing Running Organgs.

The game is 100% Pinoy-made, conceptualized and developed by PurpleBug Inc., which is a local digital marketing company. Another one joining the roster of Philippines’ pride, indeed!

Running Organgs is one of the most anticipated online games this 2021. The game aims to serve as not just an entertainment for people and to distract them from the setbacks brought by the COVID-19 crisis, but to also allow players to travel and recall the feeling of visiting the most famous tourist spots in the Philippines, all the while staying safe from the dangers of the COVID-19 virus.

Apart from providing entertainment, the game also aims to provide education to players about self-care and health. The characters, hence, the name “Running Organgs” is inspired from the human organs. The following are the characters of the game:

• Brainstein (Brain): The one who holds the greatest understanding and wisdom among the members of the Running Organgs. His arch nemesis are illegal drugs.

• Amor (Heart): The fun and bubbly member of the Running Organgs. She wears her heart on her sleeve and loves to make friends. Her arch nemesis are the pictures of her ex-boyfriends.

• Oliver (Liver): The cool, laid-back, and most stylish member of the Running Organgs. His arch nemesis are alcoholic beverages.

• Lang-Lang and Leng-Leng (Lungs): Lang-Lang and Leng-Leng are twins. Lang-Lang is prim and proper, while Leng-Leng is a free-spirit. Their arch nemesis are cigarettes, vapes, and the COVID-19 virus.

• Tammie (Stomach): The confident and bold member of the Running Organgs. She loves to eat to her heart’s content and knows how to have a good time! Her arch nemesis are poisonous substances.

As a simple platformer game, people of all ages can enjoy playing Running Organgs.. With the overall unique art style and fun characters, you will surely enjoy every passing moment with this cute gang!

Watch out for updates! PurpleBug Inc. will be releasing new versions within the year with additional characters and Philippine tourist spots. So far, the game has already received positive feedback, most notably for its art style, characters, and concept.

PurpleBug is a digital marketing agency in the Philippines that offers 360 degrees digital marketing solutions and online marketing services such as web design services and web development services. Aside from these web solutions, PurpleBug also caters to search engine optimization services, online advertising, social media management services, online PR media, application development services, and other digital marketing solutions for businesses.

Be sure to try it out! Happy playing!


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