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Salceda declares support for Leni

By Connie Calipay

Albay 2nd District Rep. Joey Sarte Salceda officially endorsed the presidential bid of incumbent Vice President Leni Robredo on Feb. 9 in a press conference at his residence in Polangui, Albay.

Salceda said Robredo is the most qualified candidate for the country’s top post.

“First, walang bahid ng kahit ano (no stain of anything). Second, she has demonstrated a capacity of genuine compassion for the poor. And No. 3, she has exhibited in her public life, including her husband’s, that she is committed to good governance. That is good to the economy, for better services,” he said.

He said as vice president, Robredo has made judicious use of scarce government resources, including her power and authority.

“With good governance means collecting correct taxes from customs. Good governance is good economics,” Salceda added.

The lawmaker also said even after the pandemic, the country will face many challenges, especially with regard to expanding the gross domestic product (GDP).

“If you want our economy to work for everyone, then I think, the challenge is really for a president, she’ll have the trust and confidence and the credibility to ask for sacrifice especially for growths because reforms always entail sacrifice and nobody among the current candidates for president has the same credibility and has sacrificed for the people. So forego current comfort for future gains especially in nation-building,” he added.

Salceda also said Robredo is the only candidate who can unify the people.

“Basically at the end of the day, sino pa ang pagkakatiwalaan nyo, para po i-guide tayo sa mga pangaturogan ng bawat Pilipino lalong lalo na na warang mawawalat (who will you trust to guide all Filipinos in our dreams, that no one will be left behind). So I definitely endorse Leni, not as a Bicolano but as an economist. She is good for the economy, good for our future and I think the Philippines is in good hands under her leadership,” the congressman said. (PNA)


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