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SCOUTING IS FOR ALL: Deaf and Hard of Hearing, YES they can and they did!

SCOUTS of the Joseph Gualandi School for Hearing Impaired Inc. Balatas Road, Naga City, Philippines participated for the first time in the Regional Scouts Parade during Peñafrancia Fiesta Civic Events from Panganiban Drive to Plaza Quezon on September 13, 2023. The entire Deaf Community comprised of 46 students, 7 teachers, their proud parents , friends, relatives and of course, the 6 Religious Sisters of the Little Mission for the Deaf headed by Sr Clarisinda Cagang, SLMD, Mother Superior, Sr Nora B, Patlonag, SLMD, Superior/School Administrator-Naga Community were beyond grateful for this momentous opportunity to be able to experience and be one of the contingents in the scouts parade. Communication is an essential part of life, but for deaf and hard of hearing people, it’s often a frustrating and isolating experience. There are many simple ways that all of us can be more inclusive of the deaf community and make their lives a little bit easier, encouraging deaf communities to participate in socio-civic events is one of those. Thank you to Honorable Mayor Nelson S. Legacion and Honorable Councilor Joselito S.A Del Rosario , PhD , for their unwavering support through the years. It took one strong and driven woman named Dolores Perez Chavez to inspire her spouse , Scout Master , Engineer Warren Chavez to initiate the training and eventual investiture of Gualandi Scouts last March 3, 2023, a milestone achieved with the all out support from friends, volunteers, benefactors and Mrs Amy Cadiz school Directress, Minds That Matter School, Scouter Frederick M. Baldoza Naga City Council Field Scout Executive,PltCol Dario Sola, PMajor Joseph Engero and Pmajor Crisanto B. Romero pf the PNP-NCPDO under the able leadership of PNP-City Director Nelson Pacalso, all served as witnesses to said beautiful occasion. Scouting is not exclusive for the hearing but to persons with impairment as well. They get to learn the basic cornerstones of the scout method, scout promise, and scout law. These aredesigned to instill character, citizenship, personal fitness, and leadership in boys and girls through a structured program of outdoor activities. Scouting remains a non-formal learning environment devoted to building a better world where diversity is welcomed, valued and respected and where young people are actively engaged in shaping and building their communities. Along the way, youth develop into capable, confident and well- rounded individuals, better prepared for success in the world. The program endeavor to provide progressive challenges so that learning never stops. Through scouting, youth develop the fundamental skills required to succeed in life and will learn to give back to friends, family and society.

God wants all to be joyful in Him. He has loved us with an everlasting love. He is a Father who loves us fairly. He takes notice every needy person including the hearing impaired, thus, God called Father Joseph Gualandi, a heart full of love for God, the Church and the Blessed Virgin Mary. Father Joseph clearly heard the calling of God to his predestined mission for the deaf. God gifted him with His grace of charism and talents directing him to use for the service of God’s kingdom. He committed all his energies to bring the Gospel of the Kingdom to the deaf, helping them overcome existing communication barriers, encouraging their integration into society and promoting their human and spiritual talents. In 1872, Monsignor Gualandi founded the Little Mission for the Deaf in Bologna, Italy. It is a religious order of priests, sisters, brothers, deaf sisters, and deaf brothers who work exclusively for the social, educational, and religious welfare of the deaf. The charism and life of Father Joseph Gualandi , now a Venerable can be synthesized in this passage “Go all over the world and preach the Gospel to all creatures... including the deaf“ Indeed his priestly and missionary vocation brought him to announce the Gospel into an unchartered land, that of the hearing impaired together with his brother Father Cesar Gualandi and Venerable Mother Orsola Mezzini. Every day God is calling us. Every day He calls us to serve Him radically and completely in one way or another not only to those with physiological hearing impairment but to the hardened hearts who chose not to hear the cries of the poor and the destitute in their midst. Every day we have an opportunity to respond. The key is to recognize the voice of Jesus clearly as Father Joseph did in his lifetime. It goes beyond the calling to accept the free gift of salvation but the call to take up our cross and follow Him. Every calling has a cost but the reward of obedience is far greater than anything one may give up along the way. What God longs to give in return is eternal. A life with Him in Heaven. The deaf have a soul made in the image of God, bestowed with intellect and will, no less worthy of the other children of God. You can be a WORD in a world of silence and the LOVE that you give makes the miracle happen bringing the Light of Faith, Joy of Knowledge and Gift of Word to the deaf. Everything for Jesus, yes, everything, today and for always.


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