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Shepherdville College Shines in Partido

The Sun continues to shine in Partido.

In the heart of Tigaon, once a laid back humble town in the East of Camarines Sur, a college now waves its flag with shades of red, white and grey, being ordained as God’s loving servant to bear witness to “Excellence in Truth in the Service of God and Country”: the Shepherdville College standing strong and proud.

Despite the threats of covid-19, the Shepherdville College has continued to serve the community through its programs from basic education to the tertiary or college level. The school never tires in finding ways to adapt to the challenges of education in this time of restrictions brought about by the pandemic. Multi-modal teaching-learning methodologies to accommodate flexible instructional deliveries are among the initiatives of the school. Determined as ever, Shepherdville College opens a new college – the College of Business – which offers Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship and Bachelor of Science in Management Accounting in January 05, 2021, as approved by the Commission on Higher Education through Government Permit Nos.1 & 2 s. 2021 respectively.

At present, the Shepherdville College offers the following courses or degree programs:

For the College of Education

1) Bachelor in Elementary Education

2) Bachelor of Early Childhood Education

3) Bachelor of Secondary Education

Majors in: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Filipino, Values Education

4) Bachelor of Physical Education

5) Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sports Sciences Major in Fitness and Coaching

6) Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sports Sciences Major in Fitness and Sports Management

For the College of Health

7) Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology

8) Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology, and;

9) Diploma in Midwifery

For the College of Business

10) Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship

11) Bachelor of Science in Management Accounting

Qualified graduates of Senior High School can avail of college education in Shepherdville College through the UNIFAST program of the Commission on Higher Education under the Universal Free Educational Assistance. The application for this grant is made accessible through the admission office of the school that is in charge of enrollment and aid. To qualify in this program, the applicant must present a certificate of residency from their respective barangay captains within the municipality. Otherwise, applicants who do not qualify may also be referred to the Listahan 2.0 under the Department of Social Welfare and Development for a similar financial assistance. A qualified enrollee may choose a course or degree program from the list above. If an enrollee chooses a course or degree program which is not aligned to the senior high school track that he/she finished, he/she will be given bridging courses. The Shepherdville College continues to provide ways to make the dream of the youth for a better future through excellent education become real, as the sun continues to shine on everyone.

The Shepherdville College started as a compelling dream inspired by the gospel values through the example of the Good Shepherd. Seeing himself as a good shepherd, Pastor Pablo P. Contante led the members of his flock to greener pastures and restful waters. Having shared his dream to a few leaders of the church, altogether, they envisioned to put up a school for children imbued by the teachings of Jesus Christ in the Bible.

In June 3, 1996 the preschool was opened. Fourteen young pupils were admitted in the pioneer batch. To establish initially a standard of operation, the new administration entered into a partnership agreement with the Center for Early Childhood Care and Development Agency based in Manila, from which instructional innovations and approaches were sourced out to create differentiated learning programs and activities. To imbibe the characteristic of Christian education, the holy bible has become the cornerstone in the development of the new curriculum. Through fervent prayers and untiring support of the other eight visionary leaders who were strong founders of the Jesus Loving Shepherd Christian Fellowship Church, the Shepherd Educational Center was established.

In the passing of time, pupils advanced to higher grade levels. Parents noticed evident transformation in the academic competencies of their children as manifested in their admirable character. This has, in turn, fueled incessant requests from parents to the administration to open Nursery and Kindergarten programs. When these programs were opened, the number of enrollees rose to 32 in the following year.

In March 26, 1998, Shepherd Educational Center was registered to the Securities and Exchange Commission as Jesus the Loving Shepherd Christian School, Inc. (also known as Shepherdville College to the public). It was also at this time that complete grade levels for Elementary were opened. Eventually, the Department of Education granted the school Recognition No. 005 s.2003. Consequently, in June 05, 2000, the Junior High School classes were opened to welcome freshman students. Prior to the first ever commencement exercise in March 2004, the Department of Education issued Recognition No.001 s.2004, recognizing the Junior High School Curriculum as a Science-Oriented Program.

In more than a decade or so, Shepherdville College has become faithful to its mission of serving the academic needs of the immediate community, especially the sons and daughters of active members of the Jesus Loving Shepherd Christian Fellowship Church. Once again, being mindful of the clamor of parents to open college courses, the Board of Trustees responded accordingly. In June 11, 2009 the College of Education began admitting college students. Having complied with all the necessary requirements, the Shepherdville College was granted by the Commission on Higher Education the Permit To Operate on May 24, 2011 to offer two education programs, namely: Bachelor of Elementary Education with PTO No. 13-R-1 s.2011, and Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education with PTO No. 12-R-1 s.2011.

Having been nurtured by its enduring commitment to serve God and country, the Shepherdville College, fearless in its search for excellence and truth, prodigiously opened new programs – widening its horizons. The Board of Trustees opened the College of Health which offers: Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology; and Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology. The College of Education also offered additional courses, such as Bachelor of Physical Education; and Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sports Sciences. These courses were intended to complement the College of Education courses positioned to anticipate and provide more choices for the graduates of the Senior High School in the coming years thereafter. Up to the present, the Shepherdville College stands strong and proud to provide excellent education to the youth of Tigaon and the other nearby towns of Partido.


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