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Shifting Alliances

Since June 30 of last year, there have been a few encouraging developments. I’m waiting to comprehend what on earth happened that the walls came tumbling down or should we say, the prices came climbing up. It started with sugar, then, onions. They say expensive eggs are looming around the corner. Grocery shoppers often lament of the sudden surge. Is it not ironic that masses banked on the promise that rice would lower down to P20 per kilogram. Just for the heck of it, I’m waiting for that to be real. There was a time that I was afraid that I would shrink in shame when economists were seriously looking on how to make that price feasible. I’m no economics enthusiast, so I thought, maybe they could pull it off. But it’s already been half a year and there have been no signs towards that direction. On the contrary, basic commodities are getting expensive. At least the peso to dollar exchange rate has gotten some stability.

Remarkably, a son of a high government official got arrested for some big drug bust. That was some achievement. Have you ever wondered where he is now? Well, he’s faring better than former Senator De Lima whose accusers have been recanting. This nation really has an interesting standard of “justice”.

If this administration is taking a stronger stand than that of the previous administration, it would be on the diplomatic relations with foreign nations, especially regarding defense of the West Philippine sea, and the possibility (with fingers crossed) of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan. This is a gratefully good move of the Philippine government.

The past administration had been pathetically wagging its tail and jumping around China, praising its government which is communist while at the same time, going hot on the trail with a outdated McCartyist persecution of suspected communists. The former President even went so far as to be buddies with Russia. Just because the leader harbors obsessively deep anti-American sentiments, the whole nation aligned with dubious anti-American nations. That would have been a scary direction. We would be like a battered wife defending the abusive husband’s actions. The worse part of it is that we’re not even the abusive husband’s legitimate wife, not even the sexy mistress, just some tail-wagging pup. Imagine how pathetic and ridiculous that has been and would have been. If we had consistently gone down that path, we would be the Belarus of Southeast Asia, on a very awkward position of getting caught between pleasing its boss and taking the obviously justifiable stand. I would rather that we be the Georgia of this part of the world’s neighborhood.

At least, in our current stance on foreign relations, we are assured that our leaders has chosen to align ourselves with traditional and truly trustworthy allies. Another good development is the exploration of some sort of joint alliance with Japan, together with US. The Japs were kept from military operations because of their role in the disaster that was World War 2. But if the Japanese government is willing to enter into a military alliance and engage into military exercises, and Uncle Sam gives a thumbs up on it, then there must be some serious reason for them to do all those and for them to involve us in it. Seriously considering that said reason, it would be wise and prudent for the Philippines to align itself with the tough guys on the right side of the tracks. It causes a simple sigh of relief to have our leaders renew and even strengthen defense treaties with the Stars and Stripes. I felt chills when the former President was all fanboy mode over Putin and Russian military aid. Now, look at what monster Russia has become, and what another monster China is growing to become.

Underneath all these movements is the serious threat that initiates them all. This time, the price of onions may be a more pressing issue for us, but if we consider how the neighbors are helping each other hammering the windows and roof hard, then there must be a seriously strong typhoon coming. Such a calamity would put our fellow countrymen on the north and northwestern part of Luzon at serious risk. (What’s with China? It had been the source of the deadliest virus in recent history. Then, it is also becoming the source of a deadly violence in recent history… next to Russia.) How would that influence the price of onions? Oh, how could I have forgotten? There’s also the potential peril that is North Korea.

“Listen, a noise on the mountains, like that of a great multitude! Listen, an uproar among the kingdoms, like nations massing together!” Isaiah 13:4


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