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Sorsogon fish port registers 265% hike in fish unloading

By Mavic Conde

The fish port complex in Bulan, Sorsogon has recorded weekly high fish unloading alongside several regional fish ports operated by the Philippine Fisheries Development Authority’s (PFDA).

From its previous fish unloading volume record of 156.17 metric tons (MT), the Bulan Fish Port Complex (BFPC) almost quadrupled that with 570.97 MT of weekly fish unloading from Aug. 16-22, 2021. According to PFDA, the increase is equivalent to a "whooping 265.54 percent."

Such a noteworthy record, a PFDA's news release said, contributes to "the country's highest volume of the year, as well as the port’s highest unloading record since February 2019."

During this period, "Regional Fish Ports (RFPs) surpassed their total weekly fish unloading record for two straight weeks and managed to reclaim its regular 10,000 volume mark," the PFDA said.

The 10,910.39 metric tons (MT) of fish delivered to all clients and stakeholders is equivalent to a 28.60-percent increase, according to the PFDA report, which is based on a two-week comparative report from its Operations Services Department (OSD). Big-eyed scad, commonly known as “matambaka,” significantly outranked all the other fish species in terms of volume.

The General Santos Fish Port (GSFPC) contributed to more than half of this week’s volume, as it unloaded a total of 6,233.06 MT of fish, or a 66.35-percent increase.


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