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STOP the killings! END injustice, fear, and impunity!

The Concerned Artists of the Philippines Bicol Chapter (CAP Bikol) condemns the violence that has resulted in the loss of lives of a mother and son in Tarlac on Sunday.

During an altercation, Sonya Gregorio and her son, Frank Anthony Gregorio were shot by an off-duty police officer, Junel Nuesca. Although he has already surrendered and turned himself in, this is not just an isolated case. We are concerned at how state forces have disregarded their constitutional duty to serve and protect the people.

The shooting is the latest in a series of killings involving the Philippine National Police and we are deeply alarmed by the current situation that allows an atmosphere of fear at the grassroots level. This is pure senseless violence and the loss of lives of our fellow Filipinos is even guaranteed with impunity by the Duterte administration.

Moreover, the on-going crackdown and intensified attacks on legal progressive forces have also reached a very disturbing level. These atrocities and abuses against activists including opposition leaders and civilians must end now!

As an organization of writers, artists, and cultural workers committed to the constitutionally-protected principles of freedom, justice, and democracy, we urge the government to end impunity and stop playing with the Filipino people’s lives.

This climate of violence and killings has distorted our sense of what is right and wrong!

We therefore stand against the intensification of attacks on our rights!

This pervasive culture of killings, injustice, fear, and impunity should STOP NOW!


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