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Stray dog causes fatal road accident

By Paulo DS. Papa

THE Naga City Police Office (NCPO) is collaborating with the city veterinary office to locate the owner of a stray dog involved in a tragic accident that claimed the life of a 36-year-old cook in Barangay Carolina last Saturday.

According to the police report, Emmanuel Quito, 36, a chef residing at Kilometer 12, Barangay Carolina, was riding his motorcycle around 3:00 a.m. on May 18. He was heading towards Barangay Pacol when a stray dog suddenly crossed his path, causing him to lose control of his motorcycle. Quito was thrown from the vehicle, and his head struck the road, resulting in a fatal injury.

Despite being rushed to the Bicol Medical Center, Quito was declared dead on arrival.

In an interview, Police Lt. Col. Chester Pomar, the city’s police spokesman, emphasized that Quito was not wearing a helmet, which is legally required for motorcycle riders. “Wearing a helmet is not just a legal obligation but a crucial safety measure,” Pomar said.

The lack of a helmet contributed significantly to the fatal nature of Quito’s injuries.

The police are determined to find the owner of the stray dog. Pomar mentioned that an investigator will visit the city veterinary office as part of the effort to track down the pet owner responsible for the incident.

Police Lt. Col. Dario Sola, deputy city police director for administration, confirmed that local residents have denied ownership of the dog, which remains at large. The challenge now is identifying the dog and its owner, a task that requires community cooperation.

In response to the incident, a 58-year-old concerned citizen from Barangay San Felipe called for more rigorous enforcement of the city’s anti-stray dog campaign. He stressed that barangay officials should take a more active role in addressing the stray dog issue, rather than leaving it solely to the city’s veterinary office. “This is a matter that needs immediate and sustained attention from all levels of local government to prevent further tragedies,” he said.

The incident has sparked a broader conversation about road safety and animal control in the city. Authorities are urging residents to comply with traffic safety laws and to be responsible pet owners to ensure the safety and well-being of the community.


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