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SvC: A Home and Honing Pot of Bright Futures

Shepherdville College continues to establish its name in Partido as scholastic institution that caters vast opportunities not only for academic excellence, but also values and skills development enabling learners to fulfill their aspirations and become prolific members of the community.

The school envisions to be a recognized provider of Basic Education in the region transforming and empowering its graduates with competence, confidence and competitiveness embedded in Christian character capable of progressing self-development and commited to life dedicated in service. Further, it is committed to produce graduates who are equipped with academic and life skills proficiency capable of progressing toward self-development in attaining excellence for better living with stong conviction in truth and unyielding service for God and country.

SvC is gifted with faculty and staff who are all qualified, competent, and vision-oriented backed up with wide-range of experiences. All are working hand-in-hand to achieve the school’s common goals of serving with passion, compassion, truth, and excellence.

Moreover, the school is edged with facilities that will best aid and expose students on meaningful learning experiences. Each classroom is considered as a healthy and friendly environment that transcends learning beyond its four walls. The library is a gem hub filled with updated and substantial references, and the laboratory including science and computer are furnished with complete equipments for an expedient training and skills acquisition.

As literary skills are prioritized among young learners, audio-visual technology like televisions and projectors are provided in the classrooms which also energize classroom dynamics. Teachers offer first-hand experiences, discovery learning and environmental awareness through indoor and outdoor activities.

In terms of school fees, SvC offers very socialized and grant-supported fees designed to make studying viable. In the Junior High School Department, scholarships offered are the following: (1) ESC Grant, wherein the school offers 100 percent scholarship to qualified applicants on a first-come, first-served basis; (2) Early Bird Promo, in which the school deals zero payment for those who will enroll early from February to April 2021, (3) Academic Scholarship, wherein students with scholastic distinctions are given with the privilege of free school fees, and last (4) President’s Scholar that is given to those who are inclined in sports and those who are economically-challenged, but deserving students. Furthermore, in the Senior High School Department, the Voucher Program that grants 100 percent scholarship is offered to qualified applicants on a first-come, first-served basis. Other scholarships stated above can be enjoyed also by incoming SHS students. As for Elementary Department, discounted tuition fees are offered like: 20% for COVID discount and 25% discount for each invitee and invited pupil to enroll in school.

Admission requirements are the following: (1) Report Card / Form 138, (2) Commencement Certificate for JHS students, Completion Certificate for SHS students, (3) Certificate of Good Moral Character, (4) Medical Certificate, (5) PSA Birth Certificate, (6) 3 Pieces of 2x2 Colored Pictures, and (7) Brown Envelope.

The Basic Education of Shepherdville College currently adapts the Blended Learning Modality which is a mixture of online learning and modular distance learning. The students are studying at home with a given timetable of activities from book-based modules and they engage in a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning. Book-based modular learning is complemented with other online classroom platform learning activities.

SvC does not only offer transformational education, holistic school programs, supportive mentors, healthy environment, and full outreach experiences, but also, it can serve as a home where students can unleash the best versions of themselves. Indeed, SvC is a home and honing pot of bright futures.

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