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SvC COEd Caters Tradition of Excellence

In Shephedville College, we value where we started, we persevere for everyone’s success and we continue to strive for excellence.

SHEPHERDVILLE College (SvC) continuously perseveres to become hope to communities as it caters to a tradition of excellence. In May 24, 2011, the College of Education was granted a Permit to Operate to offer two education Programs namely: Bachelor of Elementary Education with PTO No. 5 s. 2013 and Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education with PTO No. 6 s. 2013. Full of hope and vision to serve the country and humanity, Shepherdville College valiantly opened new programs for a more expansive prospect, namely: Bachelor of Physical Education with PTO No. 20 s. 2016 and Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sports Sciences with Majors in (1) Fitness & Sports Coaching and (2) Fitness & Sports Management with PTO No. 09 s. 2018. Continuously, the department opens more and more opportunities intended to cater excellence and service. Bachelor of Early Childhood Education was given PTO No. 13 s. 2018. Additional majors under Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education (i.e. English, Filipino, Mathematics, Science, Values Education & Social Studies) were also put into service. For 6 years and still counting, Teacher Certificate Program (TCP) was also in service to graduates of other programs who want to take units in Education in order to take and pass the Licensure Examinations for Teachers (LET). The Shepherdville College has produced board passers and topnotchers.

The College envisions to be the frontrunner in the Region—providing competent, confident and competitive teachers exemplifying professional excellence, progressive teaching styles and committed to service. The College is steadfast in its commitment to produce graduates who are ethical professionals equipped with systematic knowledge and desirable skills essential to practicing progressive classroom instruction, technology-based training and research-management in a wide range of educational settings.

The College is abled by competent and highly qualified college instructors and professors with broad range of expertise both in Academic and Administration. All are very supportive in the school’s mission of Excellence, Truth and Service. Moreover, the department is supported by functional and efficient facilities perfect in providing students with effective learning experiences. The Library, with its recent expansion, useful references, complete computer laboratory and highly professional Librarian, Aide and Assistant Aide offers convenient and beneficial service. Valuing hands-on learning, the school has a functional set up of laboratory equipment and apparatus for practical and experiential learning. In addition, Studio Room with improved and recently purchased sports and athletic equipment, strengthens the physical and emotional aspect of students. Also, as communication, literary and language skills is given priority, Speech Laboratory is in service and is recently for expansion. The latter is also being utilized by College Instructors in the conduct of Flexible Learning Modality adapted by the school to continuously serve its purpose even amidst this pandemic.

Regarding school fees, SvC gives privilege to qualified students through the following: (1) Academic Scholarship is given to students with academic distinctions. 2) President Scholarship is given to economically challenged students yet has passion and inclination to sports. SvC also accepts various scholarships that students can avail both from Government and Non-Government Organizations. Particularly, following are the scholarships and grants enjoyed by our students: (1) Tulong-Dunong (STUFAP) by CHED (2) Provincial Assistance Program (3) LGU Assistance Program and (4) Tertiary Education Subsidy (TES). The latter is of big help especially to College Tigaoeno Students or College Students residing in Tigaon, through which students receive a Sixty Thousand P60,000.00 Financial Grant per Academic Year. Indeed, with SvC, quality education is within everyone’s reach!

All Senior High Graduates are qualified to enroll in any of our Collegiate Courses offered after passing the APTITUDE TEST given by the admission office. Admission requirements are the following: (1) Form 138/Report Card (2) PSA Birth Certificate (3) Certificate of Good Moral Character (4) Certificate of Residency (5) Medical Certificate (for PWD students) (5) 3 pcs. 2x2 picture with white background (6) Long Brown Envelope.

The College currently adapts Flexible & Blended Learning Modality which is a mixture of Home-based Learning Plan and Interactive Digital Technology Approach. Students are given time to study at home following the given schedule for each subject. Modules crafted by the College Instructor, Textbooks, complemented with Power Point Presentations, Video Presentation in You Tube and other extended means were utilized to reinforce and strengthen student’s learning. The College of Education does not only see to it that the competencies are met even this time of struggle, but continuously serves its purpose of unceasingly providing Academic Excellence, Truth and Service.

With all these, SvC Graduates are transformed empowered and equipped with skills and aptitudes, are God-fearing, responsible, nationalistic and committed to serve as major facilitators for global development raised under the framework of Christian leadership, sense of responsibility and enduring commitment to serve God and Country. SvC Graduates possess 5C’s as trademark of being Competent, Competitive, Confident, Committed and with Character.

SvC College of Education is where your triumphs are always rooted at our humble beginnings, but nurtured in our pursuit for service.


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