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Teaching and Learning

By Lorna Imperial Osoc

San Antonio National H/S

San Antonio, Milaor, Cam. Sur

One of the biggest and strongest weapons of any country is education. Through proper education it can eradicate problems that a country is dealing with. In regards to that, the Philippines has a lot of problems and issues, so does it mean that our country does not have a better education system?

Education is the backbone of a country. Its role and responsibility is to shape people; while people are the one that is responsible for shaping our country. However, the Philippines placed 77th among 132 countries of a London-based nonprofit's 2022 Global Knowledge Index, and in Knowledge 4 All Foundation (K4A)'s ranking, sadly the Philippines only got a score of 44. 1 out of 100. This information is very alarming to us Filipinos since our score did not even meet the world average of 46.47.

This statement is not here to blame any teachers or students but its intention is to bring awareness to all of us that the education system needs to be better than it is today. There are several factors that severely affect the quality of our education such as inadequate funding, poor infrastructures, low quality equipment, most of the books in public schools are scratched up where most of them are very fragile to give to students and some do have tear pages, and slow performing laptops. Some will say that we should be grateful instead of complaining because they give free education, which is wrong.

Our education system can improve more if we really put in an effort to change it for the better. There are so many subjects or lessons that are repeatedly discussed but have only little application in real life situations. How about we focus on subjects that are practical. Like teaching students to pay their taxes, so if they graduate from college they are already competent enough to live in a world since living is not all about how you do well at school, yes it may affect but living is not just all about that.


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