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TESDA offers social media content creation courses in Bicol

By Sally A. Altea

LEGAZPI CITY --- The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) led the launching of the competency standards on content creation for social media in the Bicol region.

“The competency standards on content creation for social media were launched at the national level and we also decided to launch it here in the Bicol region since we have many content creators here. We believe that most of our kababayans will benefit from this,” TESDA Regional Director Archie Grande said.

The standards will serve as the basis for training centers in offering training courses.

Grande called on content creators and individuals to avail the free training to further develop their skills and proficiency in using social media platforms for their personal goals and advocacies.

“We are working with potential training providers for this specific program,” she said.

“We also encourage other training providers who intend to offer this program to coordinate with us. TESDA will be more than happy to accommodate their applications,” Sese added.

The course aims to teach the skills needed to produce and distribute content on social media platforms to inform or entertain an audience across social media platforms. It emphasizes creating ideas for social media posts, turning them into multimedia content, and spreading the ideas.

Sese said the core competencies for the qualification include creating concepts for social media posting, translating some concepts into multimedia content, and propagating content.

“Our content creators, especially the youth, already know how to use the internet. With this program, we can teach them the core competencies to create engaging and interesting content and propagate it for their target audience,” she added.

Sese said the program is targeted to be offered and registered by the second quarter of this year.

Rosemarie Quinto-Rey, Albay Chamber of Commerce president and Albay Information and Communication Technology Association chairperson, welcomed the new standard as she called on technical experts and trainers for the course.

“We are planning to offer training on content writing. We are calling on experts and trainers in this field to help us develop the skills and competencies of our local talents,” she said.

Responsible for online content creation

National Irrigation Authority (NIA) Bicol Director Gaudencio De Vera, one of the participants during the local launching of the competency standards at the SM City Legazpi, said the program will be a big help for the government in improving its information dissemination efforts.

“It’s good that we improve our competencies in the use of social media. By this learning, we are hoping to enhance content creation especially for us in the government to inform the public regarding our programs. The social media is very important these days,” he said.

Aireen Perol-Jaymalin, local journalist and media correspondent, said the program is timely and relevant to the growing number of online content creators.

“It’s high time that we have a course like this especially since we have a lot of content creators now. Most of what they do or what they have been doing, there’s no formal school. It’s only hit-and-miss,” she said.

With TESDA’s introduction of the course, many will benefit from this. It’s very important that they understand that content creation is not just filming and editing,” Perol said.

The competency standards can also help uphold the ethical considerations and responsibilities in digital content creation.

“In the context of content creation, ethical values play a crucial role in ensuring that creators uphold honesty, integrity, respect, and fairness in their work. This includes being transparent with audiences, respecting intellectual property rights, avoiding harmful or deceptive practices, and promoting positive messages and behavior. Hopefully, this will contribute to a healthier and more responsible online environment,” Perol added. (PIA5/Albay)

JOINERS Over 90 content creators, students, employees, entrepreneurs and digital media enthusiasts participate in the orientation of the TESDA on competency standards for social media content creation. (PIA 5/ Albay)


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