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The Fight between Big Boy and Little Boy

After some time of threatening looks, gritting teeth with spitting on the side, clenching of fists and some trash talk while similarly sized big boys watch for his next move, this angry big boy finally made his move and pressed bombing blows on his neighbor, a scrawny little kid, a former close friend of his, from whom, he still expects loyal devotion. Now, this massive angry big boy is giving all he got with his big hard fists. The scrawny, skinny little boy’s face is quickly black and blue and all bloody and his lip is swollen and bleeding. He would receive some big blows on his belly which would make him grunt in pain. But this little boy isn’t giving up that easily. He manages to buffer some of the blows and continues to stand to defend himself. But it’s clearly a mismatch. Little boy is taking it hard.

A crowd has started to form around the fighting boys. Prominently among them are some other big boys, smart boys, rich boys, some other small boys. Some of the big, smart and rich boys could match the angry big boy’s strength and could stand in a fight against him. The other big and smart boys yell at the angry big boy to stop, and they shout how they hate what he is doing. In the heat of the fight, while angry big boy lands his punches on little boy’s lean limbs, the other big boys yell their cutting of ties of friendship with angry big boy, that they won’t talk with him anymore, that they would not share their lunch with him, that they won’t play with him in any game, that he won’t be able to step on the playground anymore, that they’ll be taking all his marbles and cards, that they would be blocking him from all online games, that he won’t be allowed to pass through on their streets and alleys, that he won’t be allowed to climb up the tree house anymore, that he won’t be invited to any birthday party or swimming excursion with the other kids. Some other small boys join in pressures against angry big boy, and cheer on little boy to fight on.

How did all this start anyway? Word on the street is little boy has been wanting to join Sammy’s gang of boys. Sammy is another big boy whom angry big boy, Russell has been at odds with for years now. Well, after their long cold war, they became okay, but then, some traditional rivalries don’t die down. Maybe angry boy is threatened; we don’t really know. So, angry big boy Russell has not liked little boy’s being chummy with big boy, Sammy; that he has decided to take it out against little boy. Why doesn’t big boy, Sammy jump in and help bleeding little boy? Well, what I heard from other small boys is that little boy isn’t really an official member of the in crowd yet, so all Sammy and the other big boys do is threaten angry boy, Russell that they won’t play with him anymore.

In that fight among boys, the solution would be a no-brainer of breaking the fight up, so that little boy would not get hurt anymore. No bigger boy should beat up any other boy. But I suppose, when boys grow up to become men and built structures of governments of nations, easy solutions become difficult actions.

Maybe, I’m oversimplifying matters. Maybe, that just how international politics goes. Maybe, it’s not really easy for one or some of the boys to meddle in a fight which isn’t their business after all, even if little boy is getting beaten up to a pulp. Oh, wait. Did I mention that angry boy, Russell has turned against big boy, Sammy’s gang and threatened them for being unfriendly with him. What does he expect? Did he expect that the rest of the world applaud him for bullying?

All across the world are protests and marches in support of Ukraine. One protest even has its marchers wear the colors of Ukraine. Yes, that’s touching. But what pragmatic progress do those provide for a buildings burning from bombs? The other big boys told angry boy that they won’t be sharing lunch with him anymore, and angry boy turned and lifted his shirt to show them all that he has gun on his right hip. Apparently, he doesn’t mind the sanctions. Don’t you remember? This is the same nation which got thousands of its people suffer in starvation through Stalin’s era.

So, what do you do if you come across a big boy beating up a little boy?

“You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed…” Matthew 24:6


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