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The Five Universal Medium – an introduction to digital literacy

By R. R. Baldemor MDM CESO IV

Pay it Forward Mission

Modern technology represented by desktop computers, laptops, smart phones, the internet and AI-powered generative tools, and what we called the digital world, have their origins in the field of religious creation, technology and scientific discovery.

Behind our present and modern lives, is the truth that God, in His innate kindness and love for mankind, has provided us four basis media from where He can continue to help His creation. Then with His guidance man has discovered and invented a fifth medium to help him pursue more technologies to help him achieve and perform service to humanity:

1. The Human Body – God started from man as the first medium of His messages. Man, caries the godly qualities for his existence and relations with all of God’s earthly creation. But God initially made man a corporeal or mortal, and with limited carrying capacity as a medium of universal messages.

2. The Earth – is a tangible medium where God’s creation could live and procreate: plants, animals that crawls. With modern man’s needs and creativity he constructed transport vehicles, housing, infrastructure, and other permanent possessions for him, his family and community.

3. The Water – is another of God’s tangible medium where fish, seaweeds, and other aquatic animals live and swim. Again, felling the need, and seeing example of how the fish more around as a good thing to do, man invented sailing contractions, later boats, ships and other types of vessels for his transport and economic activities.

4. The Air – The latter discovery by man is air, an invisible medium but tangible in some instances. Man, saw small insect, and later birds fly through their wings, and thought that there is a medium that make float and travel in the sky. Given his need and curiosity, man invented balloons and later airplanes, and many advanced aircrafts. Then man was able to conquer the wind and made it a new medium for his needs and comfort.

5. Man-made computer – Mans’ inquisitiveness and new knowledge of technology and science led him to wonder about the vast and mysterious space beyond where the birds and aircraft fly. There must be more than the invisible and tangible matter in the vast firmament.

Through science man discovered that the sky beyond is not hollow or empty. He discovered that the galactic vastness is filled with unfinished series of numbers, that it is filled with 1-0-1 digits. Man, just discovered a a new medium of knowledge, a Digital World!

With this God-given knowledge, man invented the computer. He discovered the secret of the unfinished mathematical binary digits. He thought that they can transform the digits into virtual products like digital messages, that can be organized into virtual files and folders, melodic sounds, of music, stationary and moving images, digital highways for internet, worldwide web, and many technological possibilities.

Further techological revelations resulted into the invention of cybernetic chips that can be re-introduced physically to command digital hardware for artificial intelligence and help mankind enhance his capacity to perform tasks that he cannot substantially do.

God, the almighty does not stop providing universal medium for His messages and instructions. Let us use them productively, not to destroy humanity.


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