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The integration of technology in education: Empowering educators for the digital age

By Gemma A. Grecia

In contemporary society, technology has become an integral and highly beneficial companion for humanity. Technological advancements, including the utilization of robotics and artificial intelligence, have led to the automation of various tasks, with machinery assuming roles that were once performed by humans. In the realm of education, technology has played a pivotal role in enhancing the learning experience of students, primarily through the use of audio-visual presentations to facilitate comprehension and information retrieval.

Nonetheless, it is essential to acknowledge that the improper use of technological devices can have detrimental effects on students. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that educators, particularly those nearing retirement age, receive comprehensive training in utilizing technological tools effectively.

Certain universities have recognized the significance of equipping professors and teachers with the necessary skills for the digital era. They offer training programs that encompass a range of competencies, such as utilizing platforms like Zoom, creating impactful PowerPoint presentations, and harnessing the potential of audio-visual aids in the context of webinars and workshops. This proactive approach serves a dual purpose, not only simplifying the teaching process for instructors but also imparting valuable insights to students, who may embark on teaching careers in the future. These students gain firsthand experience of the efficacy of these teaching methods, further enriching their understanding of the learning process.


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