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The journey to post-pandemic recovery

By Frankie A. Palacio

Public school is free, but families still cannot afford their children for a complicated network reason especially rural areas of the country which made it worse due to covid-19 pandemic. Education of the children are extremely hit by the pandemic, studies and data revealed the huge number of low in literacy and numeracy skills in primary education. Modular Distance Learning (MDL) are not much effective to deliver quality and reliable learnings for those who are experiencing difficulties in reading/learning lessons to prevent failure which are difficult for teachers to provide remedial instructions because of the restriction or no face-to-face interaction within these students in the previous school years amid covid-19 pandemic.

Years of pandemic battles in educational sector are merely end but the debris remain. And to recover the learning losses Department of Education are still in defensive position to focus its’ mission and vision through DepEd Learning Recovery Plan to progressive expansion of face-to-face or in-person classes in guiding schools in addressing learning gaps due to pandemic-related disruptions. “The policy anchored on learning remediation and intervention, professional development, health, safety and wellness”-DepEd Asec. Alma, Torio.

Regional Office V-Bicol on its’ track to lift and accelerate Bicolano’s students after two years of disruption due to Covid-19 thru RAISE: R5 Recovering for Academic Achievement by Improving Instruction through Sustainable Evidence based learning programs. The Blazing Giant/SDO Camarines Sur under the leadership of nimble SDS Loida N. Nidea, CESO V show her commitment of support to the DepEd Program by RAISE CAMSUR LN an 8-week learning recovery curriculum focusing on four main subject MTB, Filipino, English and Mathematics to literacy and numeracy skills of Key Stage 1 learners.

Road to progress is somewhat difficult to pass thru and lead us to perfect destination. The education goal is to bring all learners to right track where they can finish this without competing each other, moreover they learned step by step, make u turn when they mislead and ask for the right way and overcome hindrances to reached finish line. Journey towards learning recovery is not race it’s walk thru where we can rest to thinks better plans and strategies in effective remedial learning and make it slow to recharged or to be strong with our companion our stakeholders who are committed in nurturing holistically developed learners.


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