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The People who Pull us down

In the questions on how this quandary has led us to this quagmire, I have classified categories of people who pull us further down.

1. Premature Prances.

There are people who acknowledge the existence and extent of an emergency. At the same time, they operate in the optimum optimism, always believing that the silver lining is in sight, that it will all be over soon, that we’ll be out of the woods in no time. In justice to these people, let’s acknowledge them for all the good points. Thanks for admitting that there really is a problem. That’s a big thing; because there have been some who don’t. Thanks for being all in reaching a solution and a resolution to this pollution. Yes, the world appreciates your passion and composing songs and slogans of hope in the middle of this pandemonium of a pandemic. But these hopeless romantics are so eager and excited for sunshine and rainbows, for the slightest light in the middle of the darkness, that in their enthusiasm, they raise hopes up too high that premature projections cause even more predicaments. Imagine if a sailor aboard a lost ship always believes that they would be reaching land anytime soon. When he sees an island far off, he gets too excited and prepares all too soon to enjoy the shore and immediately cries out, “Land, land!”. Then in that exhilaration based on the belief that the ship is already on shallow waters, he makes that jump and upon reaching the sea, he dives in deep, realizing that the island is in fact a long distance off, and the ship is still in deep waters, too deep for a swim. The sadder thing is, he’s not the only one who dived.

2. Insistence of Indifference.

This is an anomaly of contemporary society. I’m not sure how to put it. Maybe, these people don’t really believe in the existence of Covid. Maybe they do, but they think, it’s a remote reality and somehow, those things only happen in the news and won’t possibly reach them, or maybe in the deepest recesses of their consciousness, they really are aware of the virus, but they choose to ignore it altogether because they just want to continue with their lives the way they used to. I guess, there’s nothing wrong with maintaining your personal psychological, mental, and emotional well-being; but as a result people in this sector have moved on with their lives in their alternative world where Covid pretentiously does not exist. So, they go on parties, swimming excursions, and all other social revelries, as if the concept of social distancing does not exist. They would even throw underground get-togethers like missionaries would hold bible studies in communist China. Who knows how many Covid cases have been infected through these acts of careless indifference? Oh, there’s also the office version of this attitude. There is a steady wave of warriors in the workplace who hold it as a high heroism to persist with programs, require reports and propose plans that seem to throw out the window the suspension of social interaction and the burdens of business in the qualms of quarantine.

3. Simply Self-Centered.

Recent news had it that some people go to great lengths to smuggle themselves from the NCR Plus Bubble area to Bicol through old railways, in coordination with van drivers who would meet and continue the contraband traffic deep into the region. What’s so disgracefully disgusting is that a considerable number of these human contraband are people who are Covid positive, and are well aware of their personal situation. We don’t know what’s going on inside their minds as they find a way to sneak through checkpoints. Maybe they think some local faith healer can give some herbal concoction that would be effective. Maybe, they believe the natural environment of the provinces would heal them. Maybe they want to spend their sick days with their family. But for crying out loud, all this movement will in all probability, just spread the virus even more. The mere fact that the authorities bar their way indicates that these actions are reprehensible. What’s revolting is that they go through secret passageways as if they were the Von Trapp family escaping Nazi Austria to Switzerland, in all highly reasonable nobility. I would want to respect their individual positions, but it’s all just centered on the advancement of oneself, completely oblivious to the welfare of a whole nation.

Now, here’s my shout out to the Covid deniers.

Here’s my shout out to anti-vaccine advocates.

Here’s my shout out to opening up the economy as soon as we can.

Here’s my shout out to campaigners of face to face classes.

Here’s my shout out to those who are all too concerned for children’s psychosocial well-being while staying safe at home.

“…Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit,…”

Philippians 2:3


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