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The “Super” SPLAT - Supporting Parents, Learners, Administrators, and Teachers Application

By Shindy H. Tupig

The SPLAT (Supporting Parents, Learners, Administrators, and Teachers), a student information system (SIS) and learning management system, was created by the US-based RightSize Technologies Inc. This asynchronous program’s goal is to raise parent involvement and understanding of the learning process in order to increase student attendance and achievement. It was created to aid with the effects of COVID-19 on the education sector.

Usage of SPLAT software is absolutely FREE of charge, including its servers and hosting. Our school, Pili National High is the pilot implementer in School Division of Camarines Sur.

SPLAT has been designed from the ground up to comply with or even surpass RA 10173, the Data Privacy Act. All information is kept.

SPLAT is made to function on less expensive gadget, uses older smartphones that the entire family can use. Teachers can deliver lessons, videos of teaching, presentations, attendance and lectures to students who only occasionally or infrequently have access to the internet thanks to this software. SPLAT application is an asynchronous platform that can operate in places with poor connectivity or information technology.

What makes is SUPER-SPLAT’s it is because parent and teachers monitor the attendance and achievements of the students. It also made possible for the students on tight budgets to complete their education in a secure manner, even with spotty internet access and without the need for computers or tablets.

lastly, gives teachers the tools they need to lessen their administrative workload so they may devote more time to planning and teaching. It also serves as the support to the Department of Education to facilitates school paperwork and standardized reports.


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