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The University of Nueva Caceres: A Bicolano’s Gift to Bicolandia

74 years ago, an exceptional Bicolano visionary, Dr. Jaime Hernandez, Sr. founded the University of Nueva Caceres. UNC is his gift to Bicol. UNC’s rise from marshland to monumental and from provincial to prominent heralds the UNCean journey towards being future-ready.

The Legacy Lives On

In gratitude, what we make UNC today and where we take UNC tomorrow is our mighty gift to UNC’s distinguished Forerunner, Founding Father, and First President - Dr. Jaime Hernandez Sr. At UNC, we live by the culture of giving our best and doing our best. And proudly, we got the best - like the best gem leader for a soon-to-be Diamond University, our beloved President Dr. Fay Lea Patria M. Lauraya. Under her leadership, our benchmark is excellence, our standard is gold, and our aim is the best. As we ride high on the winning momentum, a pat on the back, some kudos, and claps will all be pleasant.

Our Time’s Torchbearers

As members of this illustrious institution - UNC, we shall continue to press on, prevail, and persist in our lofty calling as the torchbearers. God gives us the light. We carry that light that leads the way – from one milestone to another, from one generation to the next. Blessed as we are, the hardships shall never extinguish the flame in our torches. We pass on the light and fan the flame in the hearts of our learners. We invest our lives in theirs because today’s learners are tomorrow’s leaders. Fierce is the flame of the torches, and sweet is the sound of the trumpets because we follow the right road.

Penning the Pages

Turning the pages from 74th Foundation Anniversary, each day is history in the making, testimony in the works, and success story in progress – one page at a time. We are penning today the journey of the Diamond University that is UNC. All onboard, we are even more earnest and eager to reflect our Motto – Not of School, But of Life. We are even more excited and enthusiastic to deliver our brand promise – Everybody Makes It. We are even more persistent and precise to prove that – In UNC, We Are Future-Ready. We are even more poised and primed to be the top University of choice for Bicolanos everywhere.

Drumbeating for the Diamond

The 74th Foundation Anniversary of the University of Nueva Caceres shall set the stage and create the cornerstone for the great and grand Diamond Jubilee come 2023. The only way to get to the top is to get down in prayer. The only way forward is upward. The only way to get there is together. In forging ahead, we shall look back to this day with hearts both humbled and honored and with eyes filled with tears of joy. Like a diamond, UNC is built to last. UNC at 74 and counting - the best is yet to come! To God be all the glory.


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