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The University of Nueva Caceres, School of Graduate Studies: Breaking Boundaries, Creating Possibili

Redefining Instruction Through PROBE

The School of Graduate Studies (SGS) of the University of Nueva Caceres is breaking boundaries and creating possibilities. Under the stewardship of the SGS Dean who is the concurrent Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) Dr. Romeo M. Sumayo Jr., together with SGS Assistant Dean, Prof. Michel P. Basister, UNC SGS is exploring more uncharted territories with PROBE.

SGS is using the Problem, Research, Outcome-Based Education (PROBE) as its instructional design. This is anchored on the Philosophy of Reconstructionism, Adult Education Principles, and Andragogy. PROBE instructional design reflects and reinforces UNC’s motto, Non-Scholae Sed Vitae (Not of School, But of Life). PROBE leads the lifelong learners to discover that self-purpose also resides in serving society. PROBE holds the relevance and resilience to address the changing educational landscape and learners.

RIPPLEs, the Innovative Solution

Under the acclaimed PROBE instructional design is RIPPLEs or Recognition of Prior Professional Learning Experiences, the innovative solution from the UNC School of Graduate Studies. This is outcome-based education in its most theoretical and practical dimension. Through RIPPLEs, UNC School of Graduate Studies invigorates its partner institutions and empowers their manpower through continuous professional development and recognition of their professional learning experiences as equivalent to post-graduate degrees. RIPPLEs makes it possible for partner organizations to provide professional development opportunities, further education, and career advancement for their employees. Prior professional learning includes permanent skills and competencies, actual work experience, certifications, awards and distinctions, and professional achievement.

Expanding Opportunities for All

At the UNC School of Graduate Studies, the powerful PROBE or Problem Research Outcome-Based Education continues to expand opportunities for all. UNC SGS understands that most professionals are apprehensive that graduate school will be more difficult, more time-consuming, and more problematic for them. In response, UNC collaborates with organizations and institutions in providing continuous professional education to their respective employees (B2B) while ensuring work productivity. The Work-Based post-graduate degrees are delivered through PROBE, using the principles of RIPPLEs. This educational innovation offers professionals the finest graduate education solution that recognizes the workplace as an alternative learning space and the new UNC campus. This practical solution caters to the evolving characteristics, capabilities, and contexts of today’s lifelong learners.

Work-Based Master’s Degrees

UNC School of Graduate Studies Programs are Level 3 Accredited and students learn in their own space and at their own pace. Now, with UNC’s Work-Based graduate degrees through RIPPLEs, graduate education becomes accessible, authentic, and accelerated. ACCESSIBLE - the graduate education happens right in the workspace of the students; professionals are learning while earning. AUTHENTIC - learning activities are matched with their work or institutional priorities; professionals are thriving even in the time of the pandemic. ACCELERATED - learners are allowed to take a maximum of 15 academic units per semester and finish within 3 terms; professionals can efficiently finish and complete their post-graduate degrees.

At UNC SGS, You Can Make It

Students have vouched for the practicality of this learning solution and they love it. Current data confirms higher efficiency and effectiveness of PROBE, compared to the traditional mode of instruction. Consistently, periodic student surveys confirm higher student satisfaction and happiness. Higher enrollment was also noted. Through our Work-Based Program delivered under PROBE, adult learners do not only ensure job promotion and career advancement, but they enjoy their life as well.

The University of Nueva Caceres, School of Graduate Studies empowers learners to be innovative professionals, community members, and individuals. Through UNC SGS PROBE, adult learners are successful, satisfied, and socially responsive. Made possible by PROBE, through RIPPLEs and Work-Based degrees - At UNC, Everybody Makes It!


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