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They’re Preparing

They’re preparing. I passed by adjacent schools along the inner city streets just yesterday in the middle of heavy rains. I knew that I was passing by the schools because of the loud banging of marching drums with the tingling of lyres competing with the intermittent crashing of thunder. With that sound, that must have been a big company of a marching band. They just waited for July to come in to start the rehearsals. After all, it will be fiesta season in about two months. Everyone has their own version of vacation. Some people sit on their bums, others bang on their drums.

They’re preparing. What are these structures covered with what could be tarpaulin sheets around SM? It makes walking in and out somewhat restrictive and claustrophobic. It feels like you’re going through a tunnel. What are they putting up there? Are they setting up some carnival rides? Those would be good for the fiesta.

They’re preparing. Parents are starting to buy notebooks and pencils and stuff. It’s not really too early. In a few weeks’ time, before the end of the month, classes in public schools will start again. It would be prudent for them to avoid the influx of crowds. I remember in our time when Master Square would be ridiculously packed with shoppers with very little of what we now call as social distance among each other. I suppose, things would be lighter today with more stores downtown. But then, the population also increased maybe more than proportionately, so maybe, we could get the same scene.

They’re preparing. Schools are holding the National Learning Camp after a 27% turnout last year. I guess, after that result, some businesses would decide to close shop or divert their resources. Maybe, the products or services are not really attractive to the market. But, on the other hand, that could also still be an opportunity to fine tune processes and procedures for better results. I hope this helps in the kids’ preparation in going back to school, and on a larger scale, maybe help them improve their performance in the key learning areas: English, Math and Science, and creative thinking. These are areas in which Filipino children reportedly have been lagging behind in international tests.

They’ll also start the MATATAG curriculum this year. They’ll be cutting down on the number of subjects and just focus on the essentials. Let’s hope that helps. I think, Sen. Sonny Angara is a good choice for DepEd Secretary. His father’s legislative portfolio was marked with initiatives on the development of education programs. I suppose the President thinks it transcends from father to son like the Oples on OFW assistance, the Villars on real estate, the Gokongweis on finance, and the Ampatuans on local terrorism.

They’re preparing. Actually, they have been preparing. Last barangay elections, coupons were distributed which could be presented to claim a 5 kilo pack of rice. That wasn’t a bad deal. A family of 8 could each get that slip of paper and get rice that will last them for weeks. They sponsored a free concert with Manila based musical acts and nationally and to some extent internationally popular recording artists on a venue right smack in an accessible area of downtown. That’s something to reach out to the young electorate. Let’s see another prospective candidate top that by inviting Bini for a local concert. The youngsters would probably go crazy. But after the rice and crowd cries, do those really translate to votes. Maybe, they will.

They’re preparing. Voter registrations have been transferred. I’m sure they have had a series of late night meetings on some fancy venues. They have agreed on who runs on what position to as much as possible make way for and please every member of the party or coalition or whatever they call their group. This guy will run for congress. This guy will run for vice mayor. She will run for mayor. Who’s running for governor? I have been hearing word on the streets. Maybe, you also have been hearing them too. Then, I hear that some of this word we hear are put out by some people in power themselves, to attempt to sway public opinion. What are you trying to tell me? Does he have an agenda of his own in secret? Oh, well.

They’re preparing. I hear they’re having consultations, probably with different sectors. Who’s going to make it on the slate? It’s going to be an exciting year.

“The prudent sees danger and hides himself, but the simple go on and suffer for it.” Proverbs 22:3


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