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Three barangays nearing drug-free status – NCDDB

By Paulo DS. Papa

THE Naga City Dangerous Drugs Board identified three barangays where illegal drugs will soon be eliminated through the government’s community-based rehabilitation program.

Jose Importante, NCDDB chairman, said in an interview that Barangay Pacol, Mabolo, and Del Rosario will soon be declared “drug-cleared” by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA).

He stated that persons who used drugs (PWUDs) residing in these villages are about to complete their rehabilitation phase, thus ready to re-establish themselves as productive members of the community.

When asked about the exact date of the declaration, he replied that the barangays will be declared drug-cleared soon after the completion of the documents required by the agency.

As of this writing, Naga already has 14 drug-cleared barangays, including Barangay Lerma, which was declared cleared of illegal drugs last month.

Meanwhile, Punong Barangay Ruel Limbo of Pacol expressed his excitement about the upcoming declaration, which he expects to be made before the end of May. He mentioned that there are 30 PWUDs in his barangay who have already surrendered to the authorities and undergone the rehabilitation process.

He noted that all of these individuals have tested negative for methamphetamine hydrochloride and other substances associated with illegal drug use. Limbo said these individuals attend regular classes in the barangay hall, giving him confidence in their progress.

When asked about the documents the PDEA and the board require for the drug-cleared declaration, he replied that certificates and other papers proving the PWUDs’ complete abstinence from drugs are important. He is optimistic that the PWUDs in Pacol will not revert to their previous drug-addicted state.

He clarified that there are no drug peddlers in his barangay, although he admitted that numerous anti-illegal drugs operations have occurred in the area, targeting individuals who are not residents of Pacol.


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