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Tinambac reopens tourist destinations

By Paulo DS. Papa

TINAMBAC, Camarines Sur---The local government unit (LGU) here has decided to reopen the town’s tourism to provide income to jobless residents and generate revenues amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

Tinambac Vice Mayor Belle Prades, in an interview, said that Mayor Ruel Tuy, earlier this month, ordered the reopening of the municipality to local tourists.

Prades clarified that the reopening of the town’s tourist spots is only for local tourists and not for those from outside the Bicol region and other areas with high cases of Covid-19.

She said even local tourists planning to visit the town should coordinate with the local tourism office for proper monitoring. Walk-in visitors are not allowed.

CALOCO BEACH. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, this beach attracts tourists from different places for its off-white powdery sand and clear blue water.

Prades said that prior to the pandemic, revenues from local tourism reached from P200,000 to P300,000.

She said the town is aiming to generate P2 to 3 million from its tourism industry once the pandemic is over.

The vice mayor said there are five active resorts in the town while there are two developing tourist spots such as the Caloco and San Antonio beaches.

Aside from the beaches, the town has also beautiful waterfalls in Tamban, San Ramon and Cauainan.

“Tinambac is gifted with natural resources,” she said.

Meanwhile, despite the closure of beach resorts for tourists from outside of the region, local tourism in its neighboring town of Siruma remains stable as business owners continue to earn income from local tourists who visit the town to see its beautiful landscapes.

Lyndon Azaña of LGU-Siruma said that despite the closure of the town’s beach resorts, sales of goods like food, beverage and gas increase as local tourists like members of motorcycling groups and adventure enthusiasts visit the area.

He said the town’s treasury has already collected some P1.2 million in business and other taxes.

Siruma only allows local tourists in the town’s beach resorts, provided that they observe the minimum health protocols.

Meanwhile, some town residents have accused visitors of overcrowding at Ocean View in Taligra Hill during Saturdays and Sundays. They accused the visitors of violating health protocol.

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