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To Prevent the Spread: MNWD reinforces measures vs Covid-19

Since the beginning of the “new normal” caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Metropolitan Naga Water District (MNWD) has always maintained a strict policy when it comes to customer interaction for bills payment and other water-related concerns.

Right off the bat, MNWD established a “No Face Mask, No Face Shield, No Entry” policy, also requiring everyone to have their eSalvar QR code when entering the facility for easier contact tracing. Recognizing the fact that COVID can easily be spread from one person to another, sanitizing stations are provided for everyone to use; handwashing station was installed; and strict physical distancing is being observed, especially within the Customer Service area.

Flu vaccines can help a person prevent from being infected with “flu” or Influenza – a contagious viral infection caused by Influenza A or B virus.

MNWD prioritizes the employees’ need for Flu vaccines, as Influenza is highly contagious, that even healthy individuals are at risk.

The MNWD Flu Vaccination started last May 3, 2021, and is still ongoing. More than 400 employees signed up to get vaccinated.

One of MNWD’s objectives during this time is to keep every individual in the office safe while carrying on with the usual business. However, any virus as contagious as COVID-19 can’t easily be dealt with nor contained. To further our efforts in safeguarding the MNWD workforce, an alternative work arrangement was again implemented as provided in the guidelines of the Civil Service Commission (CSC). And all reporting employees turned negative in the antigen testing conducted by the City Health Office (CHO) just recently. This is to ensure a safer workplace environment not only for the employees but also for our customers.

Meanwhile, while waiting for the availability of the Covid-19 vaccine, MNWD initiated the flu vaccination for all personnel on May 3, 2021. Flu vaccination is yearly implemented at MNWD, and with the rising number of positive COVID-19 cases in the province, getting a flu shot becomes essential more than ever. It may not exactly be a vaccine for the virus itself, however flu shots help in reducing hospitalizations caused by illnesses, and boost the immune system.

At present, we live in a world that demands a greater effort in order to survive. It has now become part of MNWD’s desires to contribute in the effort to fight against the spread of the pandemic and protect each one’s health, while continuing to serve the public with clean and safe water. (YMMSavilla)


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