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Town’s “Conscience Bloc” gears up for 2025 polls

By Jason B. Neola

CALABANGA, Camarines Sur --- A grassroots movement, fueled by the collective will of residents in this town, is gaining traction as the Conscience Bloc takes shape with an ambitious goal to usher in a new era of governance in the upcoming 2025 local elections.

In a public gathering at a crowded covered court in Barangay San Roque on March 3, the Conscience Bloc, composed of punong barangays (village chieftains), farmers, senior citizens, youth, and women’s groups, unveiled its manifesto outlining a vision for leadership that is both receptive and responsive to the needs of the townspeople.

Leaders of the bloc voiced their concerns, citing dissatisfaction with the current municipal leadership’s perceived indifference to the concerns of its constituents.

One punong barangay, Nelson de Leon of Barangay Paolbo, expressed the group’s unwillingness to support the candidacy of former Mayor Eduardo Severo, citing a lack of progress during his tenure.

Severo intends to make a comeback in office through the 2025 polls, aiming to replace his son, Eugene.

The Conscience Bloc, led by 18 Punong Barangays, declared their support for Congressman Gabriel Bordado Jr. to be their standard bearer in the 2025 elections.

Despite Bordado’s absence at the assembly, the bloc emphasized his track record of public service, describing him as the candidate with the “heart and compassion” to lead Calabanga towards sustainable progress.

The group clarified that their initiative is not driven by personal political ambitions, emphasizing the need for leadership committed to the welfare of all constituents.

Bordado, currently serving his last term as the representative of the 3rd district of Camarines Sur, received the bloc’s invitation to be its candidate in the forthcoming local elections in the last quarter of 2023.

As the momentum builds for change, the Conscience Bloc sets its sights on the 2025 elections, positioning itself as a formidable force to reshape Calabanga’s political landscape.

Meanwhile, Mayor Eugene Severo, who succeeded his father in 2022, faces growing scrutiny amidst the town’s shifting political dynamics with the transformation being undergone by the traditional political scenario, influencing how individuals, groups, and leaders find the way and engage in political processes within the community.


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