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Trimobile driver drowned in Naga river

By Paulo DS. Papa

A man appeared to have committed suicide after police investigators found no basis to claim that there’s a foul play in his drowning in the Naga River.

28-year-old Maverick Abeza’s lifeless body was fished out on Sunday, April 7, a day after he jumped into the river.

Police theorized that Abeza, a trimobile driver, was drunk when he hopped from the Mabolo Bridge in the city’s Central Business District I, a stone’s throw away from the Naga City People’s Mall.

According to the police, Abeza was believed to have suffering from depression. His bloated body was retrieved by the Coast Guard Auxiliary floating along with water lilies.

In an interview, Police Major Nollan Romobio, Naga City Police Station 5 commander, said that Abeza was under the influence of liquor. The victim’s mother does not even know what dragged his son to take his life.


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