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UNC alumna shines at architect licensure exams

By Paolo Gabriel D. Jamer

RIZZA Mae M. Pardiñas, an alumna of the University of Nueva Caceres (UNC), landed second in the June 9 and 11, 2023 Architect Licensure Examinations (ALE) participated in by 4,784 board takers. The exams were conducted at the regional site of the Professional Regulation Commission in Legazpi City, Albay.

Pardiñas completed her architecture course in 2020, the year when pandemic was at its peak. “The situation was very challenging then because I graduated at the time the threat of the Covid-19 was taking an upward trend and the vaccines were not yet available. The situation became even more difficult due to the government policy that requires would-be examinees to spend first at least two years in apprenticeship before they can take the board exams,” Rizza recalls.

“As a kid, I did not entertain architecture to be my course since I did not have any idea about it. My mother is a certified teacher and my dad a licensed engineer. I used to tell myself that if I have to choose between being a teacher and an engineer, I will choose the former,” she said.

Rizza’s dream of becoming a teacher ended when she was in high school. “I realized that what is right for me is to become an architect since drawing is my favourite pastime. I love Math and Science too,” she said.

The architect board examination result came out on June 16, 2023 and everyone in the Pardiñas family was surprised when they found Rizza’s name in the list of those who topped the exams.

“The examination was hard since most of the questions were tricky. There were questions in the exams that I did not encounter during my review. The bad habit of procrastination has always been popping in especially on the day that I have to review well in preparation for the last day of the exams,” she said.

Rizza confessed that her goal was actually to top the exams, a fervent wish she lifted up to God after taking the exam and began to leave the examination facility.

Pardiñas, at present, continues to receive letters from different Manila-based companies, inviting her to work with them. “I do not have any decision yet as to where I prefer to practice my profession,” she said when asked about her plans.


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