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UNC Blazes the Trail in Parent Engagement

The University of Nueva Caceres - the first University in Bicol and a leader in education, blazes the trail in partnering with parents through the University Parent Engagement Center (UPEC).

Dr. Fay Lea Patria M. Lauraya, our beloved University President takes the lead in recognizing the parents as our partners in nurturing future-ready and work-ready students. UNC honors the parents’ role in the academic journey and success of our students. We believe that the formation of the foundation for the future is built at home and in school. Future-readiness and work-readiness starts at home, around parents. It is the University’s intent to provide and surround the students with a circle of constructive community to bring out the best in them.

These lofty ideals are the inspiration of the University Parent Engagement Center (UPEC) - a pioneering initiative of the University of Nueva Caceres. UPEC is a newly launched institutional office managed by the very motherly, Ma’am Nelia San Jose, former UNC Registrar and Senior High School Principal. Serving under the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, headed by the brilliant Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Romeo M. Sumayo, Jr., UPEC is dedicated to cater to the dear parents of our students.

With the strong support from UNC’s teaching and non-teaching staff and its whole community, UPEC’s aspirations are to involve the parents in various University activities and engage them in the meaningful milestones which are crucial to students’ success. The University Parent Engagement Center, through the Parents Academy, will provide opportunities for parents to experience the nurturing environment and delightful services in the University. UPEC is committed provide success coaching, life-coaching and career coaching tailored to parents to holistically equip them in nurturing their children to be future-ready and work-ready - at home and as early as formative years until college.

Today matters tomorrow, indeed. Parents can define the foundation of the future and set up their child’s success, now. Our salute goes to all the UNCean parents who embark on this purpose-driven journey with us. Thank you, parents and guardians for entrusting your child’s success to UNC and for investing in your child’s future, today.


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