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UNC Celebrates Student Skills

The first University in Bicol, the University of Nueva Caceres, headed by the President, Dr. Fay Lea Patria M. Lauraya, has pioneered another first-of-its-kind institutional event in the UNCean tradition of excellence, the Student Skills Summit (SSS). SSS is a celebration of student skills, a showcase of school spirit, and a festival of presentations by our future-ready UNCeans. UNC puts a premium on student skills and learning milestones. UNC’s re-engineered curricula, outcome-based education, and skills enhancement programs synergistically set our students up for life success.

The Student Skills Summit is our gift to the UNCean parents because UNC honors them in our students’ academic journey. The newly launched University Parent Engagement Center (UPEC) of the University of Nueva Caceres, managed by the focal person, Ma’am Nelia San Jose, spearheads SSS, in strong partnership with the Deans, Principals, and Class Advisers, and UNC’S Admissions, Marketing, and Strategic Communications Office. UPEC is under the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, led by VP Dr. Romeo M. Sumayo, Jr., the brains behind SSS.

The Student Skills Summit is a competition that featured selected entries from the elementary, junior high school, senior high school, and college departments. A special team of qualified judges selected the winners based on skills and delivery. The audience joined the judging through views, likes, and shares of the individual presentation videos posted on our Facebook page. Last year, the SSS live-streamed for four Saturdays - the three for the presentations and the final Saturday for awarding winners - all were hosted by yours truly.

The Student Skills Summit of the University of Nueva Caceres in 2021 witnessed a wide array of impressive skills. Among the presentations were a demonstration of the following: literacy skill and mastery of English language in delivering advocacy to protect the planet; communication best practices that stem from the English Immersive Environment program; an entrepreneurial solution to an identified market problem; an application of knowledge through proficiencies crucial in a particular career; a feasibility study of a project that entails evaluation of the management, technical, marketing, financial, and socio-economic aspects; a senior project that focused on developing computing systems and working prototypes based on an enterprise study; and an architectural design of a facility dedicated to promoting the welfare of the specific group of people based on an understanding of their behaviors and needs.

Hailed winners were the presentations that best exhibited the UNCean spirit and core values, the outputs that offered the best potential to address community needs, and the participants who demonstrated superior skills and delivery. The warm reception and great reactions from the UNC community, the general public, and the audience are encouraging. This year, our future-ready students will once again take the stage and the spotlight to surprise us.


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