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UNC Guidance Center Advocates Balanced Student Life

The University of Nueva Caceres College Guidance and Testing Center, headed by the Director Ms. Angelica Cadag, has been instrumental in cultivating resilience among UNCeans. It is trained and empowered to equip students with life skills toward being future-ready. It builds on the strength and works on the weaknesses, helping students survive and thrive in challenging and changing circumstances. It offers services and activities tailored to the new - and the next normal. Novel as they are nurturing, and creative as they are constructive.

The College Guidance and Testing Center has become a strong support system that ushers the students into a delightful academic journey and successful university life. It promotes the well-being of students through these initiatives: counseling services to aid students in managing adversities; teaching and training students to acquire life skills necessary to excel; testing and career pathing to help students set goals and self-direction; referring to the right professionals those with special needs; and collaborating with stakeholders. Apart from that, this University Office delivers special programs like Home-School Partnership, Peer Facilitation, Student Success Coaching, and Social Information.

The UNC College Guidance and Testing Center supports students through a spectrum of meaningful engagement designed for the different departments. Part and parcel of these activities are the student life fair, orientation seminars, mental health and socio-emotional wellness activities, self-help and self-care training, art therapy and music jams for psycho-spiritual wellness, career skills enhancement programs, responsible netizenship social campaigns, community extension projects, and parenting webinars to assist parents in their role in the new educational delivery. All these and more cater to the customs and speak to the needs of modern learners from diverse life contexts.

Under the stewardship of the exceptional Director Ms. Angelica Cadag, UNC College Guidance and Testing Center is powered by a team of supremely supportive and sympathetic experts in Mr. Paul Bryan Marco, Ms. Nelia Gorom, Ms. Jonalyn Alinday, Ms. Maria Luisa Archivido, and Ms. Joan Dela Trinidad. Competent and compassionate, they exhibit deep dedication to their mandate and a high commitment to their calling. They take the extra mile and go the great length to bring services closer to the university studentry of today. For their sincere service, we can’t thank them enough.

Through the nurturing environment provided by the University of Nueva Caceres, with the College Guidance and Testing Center at the forefront, the students can bravely navigate the inevitable inequities and perennial problems within and beyond their campus life - one day at a time. UNCeans are future-ready, work-ready, and life-ready, indeed!


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