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UNC has 55 new lawyers

By Paolo Gabriel D. Jamer

The University of Nueva Caceres Bar Operations Committee released over the weekend the full list of its new lawyers who took the November 2022 Bar examinations. The list is based on the announcement relayed by the Supreme Court on April 14, this year.

They are: Abengoza, Lorenz Jane Avila; Abergos, Don Daryl Olarte; Abogado, Manuel Dayupay; Aguilar, Alvean Mei Ricafrente; Alayan, Mary Joy Alpe; Alberto, Mary Catherine Onrubia; Almasco-Marpuri, Phoebes Concepcion Relente; Alpe, Jean Lavandero; Ama, Emman Garfin; Aragona, Ludy Bartolabac; Badaguas, Lulu Buenagua; Badiola-Bracia, Debra Labo; Belano, Alvin Jacobe; Botor, Jofrey Jr. Quejas; Buenafe, Joseph Kim Omori; Cabrera, Adrienne Llorente; Caceres, Leah Angela Verdadero; Cañares, Marie Franz Encinares; Capucao-Prado, Ivy Karen Borja; Cordial, Myline Vargas; Coronel, Mitos Cilah Espinas; Deocareza, Francisco Jr. Basterechia; Espiritu, Janet Yanzon; Espiritu, Monneliza Panliboton; Gerez, Jessica Christine Turiano; Gracilla, Mico Esplana; Guiriba, Dave Anthony Blancaflor; Gumabao, Andrei Nicolo Cortes; Herrera, Nerissa Paz; Intia, Albert Francisco Largo; Japlit-Aspe, Imelda Corazon Vera; Jocom, Finella Dominque Scarella; Lagasca, Karla Shane Dasigan; Lagdaan, Lalaine Padulina; Macanas, Caren Mae Villaflor; Magat, Catherine Yuson; Malate, Francis Tabarangao; Marzan, Edilyn Rodriguez; Miranda, Analyn Laurin; Moraleda, Francis Escalante; Nodado, Esteve Detal; Nuñez, Megan Astrid Alcasid; Olavides, Marlon Mollasgo; Palma, Monica Milagros Mericia Villaseñor; Peñaflor, Maryrose Angieley Magat; Pervera, Jamer Carpio; Quides, Edizza Lynn David; Reyta, Leah Ann Besmonte; Sacramento, Toni Rose Lee-Oliver; Salvador, Celine Medenilla; Sambitan, Robie Delloro; Santiago, Melanie Fesico; Tampioc, Mark Joseph Brondo; Villaraza, Marry-June San Antonio; and Zamudio, Janeen Cielo Rastrullo.

“As a first time volunteer of the BarOps, this was a remarkable experience for me. My favourite part was the Salubong at the end of the exams. It was great to see all the barristers and their loved ones celebrate that milestone. Being able to serve the barristers and seeing them finish strong was really inspiring,” Odessa Dimaiwat, treasurer of the UNC Bar Operations Committee, said.

She added that “since the Bar Examinations have always been the biggest and most important event in law school, the Commission did face some challenges in executing its plans. But with the help and support of the university, the students, as well as the alumni, the Commission was able to hurdle the financial challenge. The team made sure that the BarOps fund was efficiently utilized because we understood that it came from the hard-earned money of the students. The donation and sponsorships from various groups and individuals also helped. Through these efforts, we were able to provide the service and support that our barristers deserved.”

The incumbent officers and moderator of the UNC Bar Operations Committee, include:

Jing Icarla Dy, commissioner; Paolo Gabriel Jamer, Internal Vice-Commissioner; Mei Zhenn Francia, External Vice-Commissioner; Adrian Cruz, secretary; Odessa Dimaiwat, treasurer; Arbil Bucatcat, auditor; Kevin Armendi, public information officer, and Atty. Maria Pacita Ranara-Necessario, moderator.

The UNC Bar Operations Committee is composed of volunteers from among the university’s law students and law professors who provided the bar takers in their journey before and during the bar examinations with the academic needs, psychological support and other forms of assistance that are appropriately necessary. After hurdling the bar examinations, the UNC Bar Operations Committee expresses its congratulatory gestures which were expressed during a testimonial dinner for them.

3,992 of 9,183 Bar takers hurdled the examinations conducted in November last year. According to the Supreme Court, the batch obtained a passing rate of 43.47 percent.

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