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UNC Has the Highest Number of Certified Programs in Bicol

The University of Nueva Caceres received the distinction from one of the most credible accreditation associations in the country, the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA), recognizing UNC as the school with the best and highest number of accredited programs in the Bicol Region - for the second consecutive year. UNC proudly posted 74% or 28 out of 38 programs accredited both by PACUCOA and the Association of Christian Schools, Colleges, and Universities (ACSCU).

UNC is Bicolano’s Best BET

The University of Nueva Caceres, the first University in Bicol, and now a Diamond University, has nurtured students to be future-ready, work-ready, and life-ready for 75 years and counting. We champion the Best student life, Employability and Excellent student outcomes, and a Top school reputation or BET. Being a coaching community, from enrollment to employment and from campus to communities and careers, UNC is Bicolano learners’ best BET to achieve their goals: Makapagtapos, Magkatrabaho, at Magtagumpay. Proudly, we are gaining momentum and riding high along these thrusts.

Among the strongest aspirations of the University of Nueva Caceres is to cultivate these UNCean Graduate Attributes: (1) EXcellent communicator, (2) Creative leader, (3) Ethical citizen, and (4) Lifelong learner. We strive to make every UNCean ExCEL - Not only in School But in Life. As we expand opportunities for all, UNC is making headway toward being the top university of choice for Bicolanos, everywhere.

For Bicolano Learners, Everywhere

In achieving this lofty aspiration and fulfilling this tall order, our North Star in our navigation and our guiding light in our quest are our Vision, Mission, and Quality Policy. UNC’s meaningfully crafted vision is to be the top university of choice for Bicolanos everywhere. We nurture our students through empowering outcome-based education to help them become purposeful, productive, and future-ready human beings who will contribute to the sustainable development of Bicol and better tomorrows for all.

The Quest for Excellence

The University of Nueva Caceres is powering its education with innovation, comprehensive curriculum design and instruction, modern facilities, delightful learning experiences, and everything in between - on all fronts and facets. The University of Nueva Caceres, the first University in Bicol is the first in the region to implement the Hyflex Learning Modality. Academic programs are constantly being re-engineered to be aligned to major industries and job markets, and be relevant and responsive to global trends, leading to compelling careers.

To strengthen our track record and sustain our school reputation, from Elementary to Graduate School, we undergo and submit ourselves to certification by external third-party and credible accreditation organizations recognized by the Commission on Higher Education and the Department of Education. Geared towards being an Autonomous University in 2026 and ISO Certified this year, accreditation is our way of life as an Institution.

Accreditation Initiatives and Imperatives

For our commitment to continuous quality improvement, we work closely with the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA) and the Association of Christian Schools, Colleges, and Universities (ACSCU), two of the most credible accrediting organizations in the country.

Our accreditation status indicates our level of excellence in the programs. To support quality assurance and achieve a higher accreditation level, our programs demonstrate excellence in several sets of standards, surpass select criteria, satisfy expectations, and meet requirements, which include: faculty profile, curriculum and instruction, organizational research, students, library, administration, board examination, community extension and linkages, physical facilities and laboratories, English proficiency, and employability. On these bases, the accreditation vouches and validates the quality of our academic programs.

Driving the Diamond Era

UNC being the School with the highest number of accredited programs in the Bicol Region - for two consecutive years has just set the winning tone, winning pace, and winning rhythm for a great start in UNC’s Diamond Era this 2024. This gargantuan task and extraordinary feat will not be possible without UNC’s Planning and Quality Management Executive Director, Dr. Butch Saulon, now newly designated as the Quality Management Representative.

This 2024, the most stellar accreditors from the most credible accreditation entities shall support us in navigating the path to excellence. Their great breadth of insights and recommendations certainly helps us plan and plot our actions and chart the course of our journey forward and toward the top. Our beloved University President, Dr. Fay Lea Patria M. Lauraya is the Captain and Commander leading us in this quest, assisted by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Romeo M. Sumayo Jr., and UNC’s top Leadership Team. One hurdle at a time, UNC seizes every opportunity to deliver and do even better. With all hands on deck, victory is at hand.


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