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UNC Mission and Vision

Students are like sailors; they are on a journey. Learners are like explorers, sailing towards a destination. For them, UNC is a lighthouse. UNC’s fresh vision is to do for the students what the lighthouse does for the voyagers – to guide and guard them to find their way, their voice and their place in the world. As UNC is a lighthouse to Bicolandia and beyond, our University President, Dr. Fay Lea Patria M. Lauraya proudly presents UNC’s newly crafted vison and mission.

UNC is guided by this vision: “To be the top university of choice for Bicolanos everywhere. We will nurture our students through empowering outcome-based education, to help them become purposeful, productive and future-ready human beings who will contribute to the sustainable development of Bicol and better tomorrows for all.” We are marching with this mission: “To expand opportunities for every Bicolano everywhere and prepare them for a purposeful life, by providing empowering outcome-based education and a nurturing learning environment.”

We are committed to our Quality Policy: “We shall be the top university of choice. We commit to provide delightful outcome-based educational experience in a nurturing environment and deliver quality research and extension services. We likewise commit to champion continuous improvement in our quality management system to meet local, national and international standards.”

With UNC’s Captain and Commander, Dr. Lauraya and her powerhouse of leadership team, our journey toward being the top university of choice for Bicolanos is life-changing. With this vision and mission in our heads, hearts and hands, President Fay has set the winning tone, the winning pace and the winning rhythm for a perfect start. The fashion that UNC rose from marshland to monumental, is the best way to embody our promise that in UNC, everybody makes it.

As UNC’s academic leaders, teaching and non-teaching staff, and institutional frontliners embrace our vision and mission, these UNC core values are in full display: we are dynamic and creative, we do the right things right, we nurture dreams, we champion excellence, and we respect each other and work as a team. Clear as the daylight, a purposeful journey is ahead, more delightful experiences are in the offing, and greater possibilities are in the pipeline! Encouraging news and a long string of wins keep going. And we show no sign of slowing down, because in UNC, we are future-ready!

Despite this global health crisis, UNC continues the legacy of faith, the culture of unity, the tradition of excellence and the history of victory. Challenging as the circumstances are, there is no better time to give the students a delightful student experience than now. Precarious as the situations are, there is no better time to nurture the students to be future-ready, than today.


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