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UNC’s First Virtual Alumni Homecoming

For almost 74 years and counting, the beautiful stories of the University of Nueva Caceres are also powerfully told through our remarkable alumni. They are among our crowning glory, treasured assets, and vibrant stakeholders. Events like alumni homecoming do more than nurture the life-long bond we have with our alumni community. Our alumni homecoming has become an addition to the UNCean way of celebrating school spirit, showcasing collective pride, and demonstrating strong unity. Towards the end of 2021, in spite of the pandemic, our alumni community passionately persisted with the alumni tradition and pressed on to orchestrate the UNC High School Virtual Alumni Homecoming. This Christmastime, our proud UNC alumni everywhere once again connected and came together for the love of their alma mater.

In the thick of the preparation, height of anticipation, and warmth of reception was the Silver Jubilarian host batch, High School Batch 1996, with its highly competent President Mr. Eric Jason Salvino at the helm. The 2021 year-ender UNC HS Virtual Alumni Homecoming bannered the theme: UNC Pagdanay: UNCeano Kadto, Ngunyan, Sagkod Pa Man! By spearheading the historic first-ever UNC HS Virtual Alumni Homecoming on December 29, streamed live via UNC Facebook page, High School Batch 1996 ended 2021 with a blast to greet the new year with a bang. This evening of fun and festivity featured our alumni’s hope-inspiring charity activities, show-stealing production numbers, nostalgia-provoking multi-media presentations, and heart-warming tribute to teachers and frontliner batchmates.

During this first-ever virtual alumni homecoming, meaningful messages and warm welcomes were delivered by UNC Officials: The University President, Dr. Fay Lea Patria M. Lauraya; Vice President for Research, Extension and Linkages, Dr. Nora Elizabeth F. Maniquiz; Vice President for Administration, Engr. Leon “Chito” Palmiano IV; UNC Alumni Coordinator, Ms. Gloria Labuanan; UNC General Alumni Association President, Mr. Florencio T. Mongoso; and UNC HS Batch 1995 President, Mr. Grant Ganaban. In a special video message, the Vice President of the Philippines, Hon. Maria Leonor “Leni” Gerona Robredo, as an outstanding alumna rekindles the love and loyalty for her alma mater - the University of Nueva Caceres.

UNC strides and strives to cultivate and honor the spirit shared, memories made, friendships found, and lifelong link with our beloved alumni around the world. Beyond the University campus and student life journey, our alumni shall continue the legacy of faith, the culture of unity, the tradition of excellence, and the history of victory. With UNC’s badge of excellence, our alumni are our homegrown heroes, our proud products, and active ambassadors who build our brand, carry our creed, treasure our tenet, and model our motto – Not of School, But of Life.


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