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UNC’s Founder’s Day in the Diamond Jubilee Year

A Community Coming Together

On the blessed and beautiful morning of July 11, 2023, the University of Nueva Caceres celebrated Founder’s Day, the historic commemoration of the 131st birth anniversary of Dr. Jaime Hernandez, Sr., UNC’s distinguished Forerunner, Founding Father, and First President. Before the historical iconic Founder’s Monument, popularly known as “Lolo Brown”, the UNC Community shared a rejoicing spirit as we memorialize his memory and immortalize his inspiration, at the sweet summit of the University’s great, grand, and glorious Diamond Jubilee this 2023. The students, faculty, non-teaching staff, parents, alumni, the leadership team and administration, and all the members of this illustrious institution, the University of Nueva Caceres, joyfully gathered to celebrate Don Jaime’s life, love, leadership, and legacy.

Wreath Laying Ceremony

A memorable and meaningful Wreath Laying Ceremony was spearheaded by the Office of the Dean of Student and Alumni Affairs headed by Dean Kenjie Jimenea, the Office of Student Affairs led by Prof. Kim Francia Bigay, and the University Student Government led by its President Mr. Jude Ogarte and Vice President Mr. Keith Monasterial, in partnership with the UNC College Councils, UNC ROTC Unit, University Glee Club, and UNC Band. To pay homage to our beloved Dr. Jaime Hernandez Sr., we dedicated and offered lovely wreaths and floral tributes, the symbol of our commitment to carrying out his vision.

Members of the UNC Community represented their respective offices and teams in presenting wreaths and floral tributes: Prof. Divinagracia L. David, Assistant Vice President for Human Resources and Officer-in-Charge, Office of the President, representing the Leadership Team and UNC Administration; Mr. Jude Ogarte, President, University Student Government, representing the Student Government, Office of Student Affairs and the College Councils; Dr. Vivian Fortuno, Elementary Principal and Mr. Francisco Parra Sr., Elementary PTA Board President, and Mr. Boris Victor Espinili, Elementary Faculty President; Prof. Dinna Capin, Junior High School Principal and Mr. Henry Torrecampo, Vice President JHS PTA Board; Prof. Ernesto Gurnot Jr., Senior High School Principal and Ma’am Alma Bella Prado, SHS PTA President; OIC Dean Dr. Felisa Sabaupan and Assistant Dean Engr. Edgardo Martinez, College of Engineering and Architecture; Dr. Jocelyn Rañola, UNC General Alumni Association Secretary and Mrs. Pacencia Tabinas, UNC GAA Treasurer.

Honoring our Homegrown Hero

The University of Nueva Caceres is the first University in Bicol and Southern Luzon, founded in 1948 by an exceptional Bicolano, truly in a class of his own, Dr. Jaime Hernandez Sr. As an institution and community, we stood strong together to honor our Founder, our homegrown hero, and one of the finest sons of Bicolandia. UNC’s rise from marshland to monumental and from provincial to prominent heralds the UNCean journey towards being a future-ready Diamond University, built to last. With the whole University community celebrating the journey of UNC, forever etched in its heart and history is the indelible name of its illustrious Founder, Dr. Jaime Hernandez Sr.

On that special occasion, Ms. Alleah Joy Jaucian, one of UNC’s President Jaime Hernandez Sr. Scholars, gave a message of gratitude. The UNC Glee Club rendered a fitting tribute and performance dedicated to our beloved Founder. Delivering the special Founder’s Day Message on behalf of our University President Dr. Fay Lea Patria M. Lauraya, was the OIC of the Office of the President, representing the Leadership Team and UNC Administration, Prof. Divinagracia L. David.

The Founder’s Legacy Lives On

75 years ago, Dr. Jaime Hernandez Sr., an accomplished educator, top-notch lawyer, decorated statesman, and exceptional Bicolano visionary founded the University of Nueva Caceres, his mighty gift to his beloved Bicolandia. On the festive Founder’s Day in the 75th Foundation Year of UNC, we brought our gifts, greetings, goodwill, and gestures of gratitude to our distinguished Forerunner, Founding Father, and First President. In gratitude, what we make UNC today and where we take UNC tomorrow is our mighty gift to our dear Don Jaime. Living through the future, in every UNCean story, the Founder’s legacy lives on.


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