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UNC’s new lawyers inspire future barristers

By Paolo Gabriel D. Jamer

THE University of Nueva Caceres (UNC) Bar Operations Commission tendered last May 14, this year, a testimonial dinner to all 2022 November Bar takers, a gathering in which they had the time to share inspiring stories about the “ordeals” they met when they were just in the beginnings of their journey as hardworking students up to the time they became lawyers.

The giving of testimonies was started by Atty. Antonio Rivero, the Dean of the UNC School of Law. He expressed his utmost gratitude and praise to all successful bar takers. In his message, the university official reminded them of the importance and privilege of being part of the legal profession.

“At that time, no one offered any help to finance my schooling at the College of Law. I cannot afford Ateneo. So, I settled for UNC. The toxic-free community that UNC has known for only proves that here, everybody makes it. With that, salamat na maray UNC. I have found my home away from home in you,” recalled Atty. Francis Moraleda, who emerged as top 2 among his batch (UNC Law Batch 2022). He expressed his overwhelming gratitude to the UNC.

In his speech, Atty. Moraleda emphasized that, “the path to becoming a lawyer is not easy. It is paved with countless hours of studying, sleepless nights, and sacrifices that test the very fabric of our being. The bar exam, with its relentless demands and rigorous standards, stands as the ultimate challenge for those who aspire to enter the noble profession of law. It is still vivid in my mind the day I received the news that I passed the 2022 bar examinations. It was a moment of pure happiness, a surge of emotions that filled my heart and brought tears of joy. In that moment, I felt the weight of the countless hours spent pouring over books, the sacrifices made, and the unwavering determination that had carried me through the journey.”

It was also during the holding of the event when the new set of officers for the 2023 UNC Bar Operations Commission were introduced. Former Commissioner Jing Icarla S. Dy initiated the giving of the award of commendation to UNC Bar Operations Commission Adviser Atty. Maria Pacita Ranara-Necessario.

Also in attendance were the members of the UNC School of Law Faculty and staff along with the members of the UNC Law School Board.

THE members and officers of the UNC Bar Operations Commission in a photo taken last May 14, 2023 at Avenue Plaza Hotel in Naga City. Photo also shows Top-November 2022 UNC Bar Passers and full-fledged lawyers. Sitting from left to right are: Members of the UNC School of Law Faculty and Staff, Dean Antonio Rivero and Atty. Khristian Damielle Jamer.


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