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UNC Unveils the First University Library Seal in 75 years

A library is a shelter of books, a home of learning, and a fortress of knowledge. The University of Nueva Caceres is fortunate to have a library that is renowned and recognized, blazing the trail in excellence in innovation. In 2022, Cengage awarded the University of Nueva Caceres for Success in Digital Transformation and Excellence in Digital Learning. Cengage, a well-recognized global education and technology company built for educational, professional, trade, and library markets, recognized UNC for its outstanding efforts in advocating digital learning. Cengage declares that: The University of Nueva Caceres is one of the most digital-ready universities in the Philippines, and Asia.

With the UNC Library’s digital transformation, both faculty and students benefit from an array of online course resources and interactive tools that enhance teaching and learning. UNC effectively utilizes the leading global educational technology solutions and platforms which are fully integrated with an advanced learning management system and state-of-the-art hybrid classroom.

Unveiling the First University Library Seal

The University Library logo or seal is the visualization of what it stands for, a symbol of what it is and what it hopes to be, and an ensign of its heart and soul, welcoming every learner. For the first time in 75 years, UNC was raring and ready to finally see the seal. In 2023, the University of Nueva Caceres made a lot of history. Mid-December, before we even closed the year, we marked another one, a most welcome addition to many of the firsts in UNC’s 75-year history. We gathered for a celebration and ceremony - just short and sweet, but of great significance, the historic Unveiling of the University Library Logo. What better time to do this than in UNC Diamond Jubilee year? What could be more memorable than that?

Joined by the UNC Band and members of the academic community, Ms. Aileen V. Domanico led us in saying the University Prayer. The Director of Libraries, Prof. Ime Amor Mortel, welcomed everyone and shared with us the significance of this occasion. An inspirational message was delivered by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Romeo M. Sumayo Jr. With VP Romy and Director Ime, spearheading the Unveiling of the University Library Logo were the University Registrar and Dean of the College of Engineering and Architecture, Dr. Felisa L. Sabaupan, and the Dean for Student and Alumni Affairs, Prof. Kenjie Jimenea, together with the designer of the University Library Seal, Matthew Kevin Reyes, a UNCean Architecture student.

The Artist

Our University Library Logo holds a narrative. On that celebration of togetherness, not only did we witness the unveiling of the logo, but we discovered the story behind the seal. We were delighted to have one of our very own talents and an artist who belongs to us, Matthew Kevin Reyes, emerging winner of the logo-making contest during the UNC Book Week celebration orchestrated by our University Library.

Kevin artistically reflected the identity and the relevant services delivered by the University Library. He meaningfully manifested what it is and will be to the students and the men and women of the University Library. He rendered simplistic style, symbolism, and substance, drawn from his personal stories as a student with years of meaningful memories in the University Library. During the historic Unveiling of the University Library Logo, Kevin shared:

“I met so many good people here, students, librarians, and staff alike. I made lots of memories, mostly pleasant, some sad. Some are victories, and some are… life lessons. I am truly grateful that my work is now here, part of the school’s history. I am thankful that my work will have a profound impact on the face of the University Library in the years to come. At the end of the day, rest assured, the logo’s designer is a grateful student who was taken care of by the school library in more ways than one.”

The University Library, Now and Beyond

Now a Diamond University, the University of Nueva Caceres, the first University in Bicol and Southern Luzon has nurtured students to be future-ready, work-ready, and life-ready. The University Library, for over seven decades, has cultivated in them the culture of reading, the love for learning, and the gift of wisdom. The University Library has played a pivotal role in the academic journey of so many history makers, game changers, and difference makers, not only of school but of life. We pay tribute to our librarians and staff – past and present, who facilitated every learner’s quest for knowledge and search for meaning. We commend their commitment to fulfilling their mandate and filling the University Library halls with the warmth of a home, for 75 years and counting.


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