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Simplehan lang po natin ang Feb-Ibig

No big demands nor false promises

Basta let’s give it all our best!

Life is short and memories do fade!

Wag kang kill joy, enjoy life at its fullest

Wag makulit para di pumangit

Wag masungit di ka mapapalangit!

Wag kaliwain ang jowa, go straight!

May 4ever ba? Meron po, yes, yes, yes!

Because true love transcends even death

It will resurrect you doon sa langit!

So ngayong Love Day tuloy ang date

Wow, may red wine, chocolate, red roses

With matching sweet romantic music

From sax, sexiest musical instrument!

Ayos ang ating sweet embrace

Siram kan wild caress, passionate kiss...

By and by it would be heaven on earth!

But darling, wait, wait, wait, please!

Wer ang flavored condom ko sa wallet?

Waaa, ano ba yan, badtrip!!!


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